Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lots of Snackin' Today (What I 8, Sun. Jan 17, 2010)

Didn't have a great appetite but nibbled a lot. Started with yogurt for breakfast, then 2 string cheese sticks an hour or so later. A bag of veggie straws (described in yesterday's entry) after church. Supper was a pork chop that had been baked with sliced onion on top, plus roasted rutabaga, plus a salad with a little shredded cheese and a few bacon bits for color, and ranch dressing. No evening snacks.

Got some good buys at Sav-a-Lot today, they're having great sales this week. I got boneless pork chops (unfortunately all the fat was trimmed off) for $1.29/lb., and bags of ready-made salad for 50¢ each. Ended up buying quite a bit there today for some reason...will have to post tomorrow what I bought - about $90 worth. Not bad for already being well-stocked :).

What I 8 Today (Sat., 1/16/10)

2 string cheese, 5 slices of salami for breakfast/lunch

3 chicken thighs and roasted cauliflower for supper

Veggie Chips for a snack. The name is misleading, the main veggie in them is potato, but then there is spinach and tomato, sea salt, and something else that I can't remember. I buy them at GFS, 1 package is either 15 or 16gN. I find them irresistable for a crunchy snack, and each bag is about 50¢; 24 bags to the carton.

My total carbs for the day is WELL under 50gN, probably about half that, and definitely less than $5 for the day as well although I can't find my GFS receipt from yesterday, it's late, my melatonin tablet is kicking in, and I'm about to fall asleep at the wheel here :).