Saturday, January 28, 2012

Final Grocery Shopping for January #lowcarb

January is just about over, I don't expect I'll be shopping much more this month...actually I don't need anything, so I know I won't. At the end of this post will be the total I've spent on groceries for the month. If you know people who use the excuse that low carb eating is too expensive, send them here. I feed my husband and I, plus my almost-3YO grandson who is here 4-5 days/wk, and my mom on Sundays. My husband eats 4 full meals in every 24-hour period, plus snacks. I eat regular meals and a couple of mini-meals.

This week our car wasn't working so I asked my daughter to bring me 2 dozen eggs. They were "about 4 bucks" (!) but she said I didn't have to pay for them. But I thought I'd mention it, that I got 2 dozen eggs this week, even if I didn't have to pay for them.

Today I was near Falmouth, MI. In Falmouth is a wonderful store called Ebel's. If you are ever anywhere near Falmouth, this store alone is worth the side trip. This store will bag up a bunch of frozen meats and sell the bagful at a discount. As an example, they put a half dozen packages of boneless skinless chicken breast fillets in a bag to make 10# +/-, freeze it, and sell it for $1.29/lb. Today I bought 9.25# of chicken thighs (our favorite part) for 69c/lb, or $6.38. I bought 9 packages of lunch meat bagged up and frozen (I freeze my lunch meat anyway if I buy a bunch on sale) for $3.00. And a single package of 3 turkey wings for $2.08, for a total of $11.46 at Ebel's.

Then I went back to Merchandise Mart for more unsweetened organic shredded coconut @ $1.29/pkg, and got 3 more packages. They also have organic coconut flour there now for $1.99/pkg (1#) so I got 2 of those. And a liter of coconut water (full of electrolytes!) for 50c and a 2 qt. bottle of juice (mainly plum, also others, plus filtered water and sucralose, no HFCS) for my grandson for $1.59. Total spent at MM $7.94.

Finally I had to go to Walmart, and because I still had some $ left in the grocery budget for the month I went a little crazy, spending $39.06. But for that I got 2# of shredded cheese - can't beLIEVE the cost of cheese now!, (3) half-gallons of half'n'half, 2 frozen pizzas, a jar of natural peanut butter, a big carton of cottage cheese, a pint of chocolate milk (hubby grabbed that one as we walked past it!), a 24-count bottled drinking water, and 2 bottles of low-carb ketchup (Heinz calls it "reduced sugar").

Total for today was $58.46. Add that to my previous total for groceries this month, and we're under $240 for the month, or $60 a week.

This is just one month, I will continue to keep track but I defy anyone to tell me that low carb eating is too expensive.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One of my Favorite #Lowcarb Suppers. EVER!

I'd originally planned broiled steak with fried onions, a favorite of ours anyway. I started the onions, chopping 2 of them into chunks, frying/stirring them until brown over high heat, in butter and olive oil with some sea salt, then reducing the heat to low, adding garlic powder, and covering them to continue cooking until they got soft.

When they were almost done I started the steaks broiling, seasoned only with some seasoned salt.

Then I spied a can of diced tomatoes on the shelf. After draining them, I put them in a small saucepan with butter over medium heat, added 2 drops of EZSweetz (liquid sucralose), and then on a whim decided to mix in a couple shakes of balsamic vinegar.


With a spoonful of the buttery onions and a spoonful - ok, 2 spoonsful - of the sweet/tart tomatoes over my steak, I created the closest thing to heaven on earth, at least in a culinary sense. AMAZING! The flavors came together so beautifully that my mouth is watering again just thinking of it 90 minutes later!

I will eat this every day. OK, maybe not. But I will want to!

Definitely easy, and I'd say for as great as it was, it was also pretty cheap! I got 25 NY strips for $49.something, or @2.00 each. The can of tomatoes was 63c, the onions were $2.99 for a bag of 10, or 30c each. Plus a couple Tbsp of butter, sprinkle of olive oil, a little balsamic, some seasonings...Easily under $3 per serving. And we each got a whole plateful of food, definitely didn't leave the table hungry!

Can't wait to fix this meal again!

Monday, January 23, 2012

More #Lowcarb Shopping!

In the last few days I've picked up a couple of things, and just want to mention them here since I'm trying to be complete in my reporting of what I buy and how much I spend:

2.29# boneless chuck steaks (2) @ $3.71/lb = $8.39 (on special)*
4.01# chicken legs @ $0.69/lb = $2.77 (on special)

*I typically don't pay over $3/# for beef but I desperately wanted steak, and it was cheaper than going to a restaurant for a steak dinner.

(2) half-gallons Half'n'Half @ $3.58 ea = $7.16

Steve's (my favorite meat market):
16.6# NY Strip steak @ $2.99/lb = $49.63 (cut free into about 20 3/4"-thick steaks)
4.98# bacon @ $2.19/lb = $10.91

TOTAL = $68.53

TOTAL spent so far in January = approx. $182.00

(January is 75% over, and I've spent less than $200 so far - way less - for 2 adults with big appetites and an almost-3YO boy who eats about half his meals with us. Yes, low carb CAN be Cheap'n'Easy!)