Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Rest of My September Shopping

I posted my first - my major - shopping trip for the month a few weeks ago; the total from that one was $165. I have in front of me my receipts for the rest of the month:

I've made a few trips to Sav-a-Lot this month. Being just a mile away and convenient for when I just need a couple of things, that's my go-to store most of the time. The problem is - and I admit it's a problem - I go for 1 or 2 things, and see other things I forgot I needed, or see a sale...then I come home with more than I intended! But I did pretty well this month with that, spending an additional total of $94.89 for lots of meat that was on sale (last-day/red-sticker, which I rarely pass by if it's a good price), extra supplies for the large casserole I took to a church potluck, canned goods (mushrooms, tomatoes, tuna), bottled water, porkies, and condiments.

I also made a trip to GFS for the big bags of frozen vegetables that I use. While I spent $55.68 there in September, the food will actually last through October (plus of course we used it the remainder of September). I stocked up on (9) 2# bags of vegetables, plus 24 cans of Diet Coke for my mom when she's here, plus Pete likes to take one in his lunch, and a big package of hot dogs - 40 for $8.99. The last two things I wouldn't buy for myself, but Pete loves his hot dogs, and I paid more for the better hot dogs with fewer objectionable ingredients.

Then while I was at other stores (Big Lots, KMart, Walmart) I picked up a couple of other things that I use and that were a good price, such as a 16oz. can of Parmesan for $4.00, a liter bottle of EVOO for $6.50, a 24 oz. jar of Peter Pan PB (my favorite brand; it contains some sugar but I don't eat that much of it - certainly not enough to worry about - FOR ME, YMMV) for $4.29, and 3 half-gallon cartons of half'n'half for $3.58 each.

In addition, I placed an order at Netrition that came to $98-something. The items in that order will last for a MINIMUM of 3 months: WPI5000, Vital Wheat Gluten, coconut flour, almond flour, polyD fiber, oat fiber, resistant corn starch (1st time buying that), peanut flour, CarbQuik, EZ-Sweetz, and 3 bottles of SF flavored syrups. I still have Carbalose flour from my last order. Many of these were in multiples as well - AND I got a free t-shirt :).

I spent quite a bit more this month because of the netrition and GFS foods, but of course those weren't just for this month, and because of all I bought in September, I anticipate that October will be much much lower. It all evens out in the end :).

So, doing the math in my head (and therefore rounding off), I figure I spent $440 during the month of September, for enough food to get through the month, much of October, and even beyond!