Monday, October 10, 2011

Can't Resist a Sale #lowcarb

I mentioned last week that Sav-a-Lot was having a 10/$10 sale, and also that I got a lot of meat very inexpensively there. Well, today was the last day of the sale, and I got to thinking about it, and since I hadn't seen beef roasts for $2.79 in MONTHS, I figured I might not again. Plus some of the 10/$10 lowcarb things I might get more of, and stock up on. So hubby and I went back, and here's what we got:

10/$10 (or $1 each):
(5) dozen more eggs
(5) Eckrich balogna (hubby's pick), 1# each
(5) Eckrich franks (hubby's pick)
(5) pkgs pepperoni for chips
(10) 10 oz roasted peanuts (hubby's pick)

Other special prices
(3) 20 oz. turkey ends & pieces @ 1.67 ea
(3) 20 oz. ham ends & pieces @ 1.67 ea
7.5 lb. beef chuck roast @ $2.69/lb
10 lb. pork sirloin chops @ $1.69/lb

And then I picked up a pound of butter (most of last week's pound was used up by campers last weekend - plus I buy a pound every time I go to Sav-a-Lot, so I never run out!) for $2.99, a quart of half'n'half for $2.99 (which is more expensive than Walmart's, but a half-gallon of gas round trip to Walmart would add $1.60), 12 oz. of finely shredded Italian blend cheese for $3.19, a jar of horseradish for $1.99, and 24 oz. of cottage cheese for $2.49.

Another $90 or so. But our freezer is now half full, we have enough meat and eggs to see us through November, and frozen vegetables as well. We'll need more dairy in a few days (esp. half'n'half and cream), and fresh produce later in the month. But we're in great shape for several weeks, at the least! And that's such a good feeling :).

On another note, I don't plan on cooking for a few days. From the camping trip we brought home half of a big pot of chicken vegetable soup (I added some fresh spinach that needed to be used up), lots of hot dogs and grilled chicken, HB eggs, and about half of the wraps I made. Plus we had some hamburgs that Pete grilled up today. So we'll be eating that bounty for a few days yet :).

#Camping #Lowcarb

This weekend we went camping with a group of people from our church. We all ate together, everyone bringing something to the table to share, kinda like stone soup :). I knew that there would be carby foods galore, and not much I could eat, so I spent the 2 days prior preparing a bunch of low carb foods. And guess what? I walked right past the donuts at breakfast, the pancakes and syrup, and the candy, marshmallows, and potato chips that were sitting out all evening!

I know I mentioned previously what I would take, and I pretty much stuck to that plan. I didn't take the tuna salad and lettuce leaves for wraps that I intended, nor the cookies...but I started to make the cookies, then just plain ran out of steam, tossed the batter onto the pan before it was a dough, and cut the resulting cake into pieces. It wasn't as low carb as I usually make because there is one gluten-free eater than came, and another can't have nuts of any kind, including coconut. That didn't leave me a whole lot of flour choices, so I ended up with sort of an oatmeal-tasting (oat fiber, poly-D, ground oatmeal for my flour) cake with lots of cinnamon, brown Sugar Twin, and butter in it. Delicious actually, and saved me from the donuts each morning! I just had a butter sandwich with 2 of them - heavy on the butter. (Hubby told me they were great with syrup on them too.)

I took HB eggs for breakfast with the cakey-cookie-things above, plus sausages for everyone. That covered the 2 breakfasts. Friday night the pastor's wife made a delicious chicken vegetable soup. Our main meal on Saturday was chicken - lots and lots of chicken! - that hubby grilled. The song leader brought her amazing potato salad (I never say no to Mary's potato salad - 1/2c on Saturday and another 1/2c on Sunday), and I had tomato slices also, from one woman's garden. As everyone munched Saturday evening I had my cheese crackers and pepperoni crackers (which were both a BIG hit, BTW!) to fall back on, and didn't miss the potato chips at all! Sunday afternoon we all had hot dogs and more chicken; I ate my 2 hot dogs on my 1.5gN wraps with salsa.

All told, it was a great success and I even lost 2# over the weekend - probably from the extra walking and other activity. What a great time, and I feel really good about being prepared, and being able to resist the carby stuff that was there in abundance!