Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

I've written about Thanksgiving Day already, and the next 3 days were a combination of leftovers and other foods. One more reason I'm thankful: I'm not trying to use up huge amounts of turkey :).

A couple of interesting things: One Friday I was reheating the mashed rutabagas and on a whim I mashed a block of cream cheese into it. What an EXCELLENT addition! I will never again mash rutabagas without it! Very creamy in addition to its slight sweet flavor. An entire block (8 oz) may seem like a lot, but I had a lot of rutabaga left...6 servings or so. (And it is wonderful with pork as well!)

The rest of the oopsies have made totally wonderful grilled cheese and salami sandwiches! Those puppies take to the butter and fry up like nobody's business! Even better than plain or toasted, I I'm thinking of other dishes for which I can fry them!

The pumpkin dessert and whipped cream didn't last long either. A couple of snacks for each of us and that was it. But it was so cheap and easy to make that I will stock up on the canned pumpkin during the season, and then have it for use during the rest of the year.

I ended up eating another 2 slices of the gel cranberry sauce on Friday, then I threw the remainder away rather than be tempted by the carbs. It about killed me to do it, too, because I really love the stuff. But that's why I had to.

Yesterday for supper I made a lovely chuck roast, searing it in my electric frypan, then adding some water and some peeled potato chunks. (The potatoes were for the others; I got the peels, though, which aren't nearly as carby @ about 4gN for a potato skin.) In the oven I sliced some small zucchini lengthwise, tossed them with olive oil, and seasoned them with sea salt and parmesan cheese; they occupied one end of my baking pan. The other end had a frozen blend of big chunky vegetables including cauliflower and broccoli, zucchini and yellow squash slices, and red peppers. I also tossed them in olive oil and seasoned with sea salt and roasted. And on another baking sheet, I did the same with my potato peelings, then buttered them on my plate. That was an excellent supper!

Today's supper was ham chunks with the last of the rutabaga (I was actually sad to see it go) and spinach with lemon and butter and sea salt.

This is the first 4-day Thanksgiving "weekend" on record that I didn't find myself struggling to use up leftovers, or eating the same things day after day until I was sick of them. It was quite nice to just have enough left from Thursday to add to my other meals, and by Sunday be done with it all!

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