Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Couple of Quick Shopping Stops #lowcarb

At Walmart:
8 quarts Half'n'Half @ $1.50 each
4 quarts of heavy cream @ $2.98 each
3 pkg. 8 oz Italian blend shredded cheese @ $2.12 each
2 store brand "Crystal Light wanna be" cannisters @ $1.98 each
1 package beef jerky @ $3.50 (hubby's splurge)
TOTAL = $34.76

At Sav-a-Lot:
3 cream cheese, 8 oz. @ $.99 each
18 eggs @ $2.23
2 frozen pizzas @ $2.99 each (I eat 1/3 for 35gN carbs)
1 23 oz. can of coffee @ $3.00
1 bottle ketchup @ $.99 (for daughter who doesn't eat lowcarb)
2 ham ends & pieces, 16 oz. @ $1.39 each
1 yellow onions, 3# (6 onions) @ $1.99
TOTAL = $19.94

Spent for groceries so far this month: about $285 (rounding in my head). I don't anticipate the need for any more grocieries this month, given that I have lots of meats and frozen veggies, and plenty of dairy - it's a given in my head that we'll need about 4 quarts of half'n'half a week so I'll probably have to get more of that...but this should be a typical $300ish month for us. ("Us" includes hubby and I, plus adult daughter who eats with us about half the time, and sharing our food/preparing meals for the 1YO grandson as well as my veggie-loving parrots - lol.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daikhetti and Steak for Supper! #lowcarb

One of my favorite new gadgets, as I may have mentioned, is a julienne peeler...and tonight we used it on a daikon to make long strings of "daikhetti"...

After peeling and julienning we squeezed as much water out as we could, and then cooked even more water out of it. Then I drained it, sauteed some chopped onion in a little oil, put it back in the pan with with onions and butter, granulated garlic, and seasoned salt, and finished it off (it was already soft) on high heat, stirring and scraping the pan as it browned. At the very end I added a drained can of shitake mushrooms; as soon as those were heated through, we ate it with some broiled rare steaks. It was DELICIOUS! No "radish" taste whatsoever, excellent taste and texture both. We will definitely be making this again!

The daikon was 79¢, the onion was about 35¢, I used a half-stick of butter for 25¢, and the steaks had been on sale but weren't in the original package; I'd bought a large pack and rewrapped them before freezing...but I'm sure that they weren't more than a buck each.

Earlier in the day I had had a couple of mozzarella string cheese pieces, and had a dish of SF ice cream with whipped cream for dessert. It was really a one-meal day.
What a great supper, and a great daikon experiment!