Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh. My. Goodness! What a Supper! #lowcarb

You know I'm all about Cheap and Easy - hence the name of this blog. But what good is cheap and easy if food isn't also flavorful? People who eat my food tell me I'm a fantastic cook - I know I love my own cooking :) - but this SUPER-SIMPLE chicken was soooo good...

All I did was brine the chicken pieces, as I usually do, with sea salt, and some onion and garlic powder, in the fridge overnight.

Today I pulled the pieces out of the liquid and rolled them (without rinsing or drying) in a coating of 2 parts peanut flour to 1 part coconut flour. I put it on a rack in a baking pan, sprinkled all sides with S&P, and baked it at 375F for an hour. That's IT! And it was soooo good! Just a hint of the peanut flavor to remind me of peanut chicken at the Chinese restaurant, a little sweetness from the coconut flour...and a nice crispy coating. Plenty of fat from the chicken skin - plus it was all dark meat - kept it from being dry.

I served it with whole skinny green beans sauteed in olive oil and butter, seasoned with garlic and onion powder and sea salt - a favorite of ours that we have a couple of times a week.

The dinner was about $4, considering the chicken was only $2.47 (with a "last day special" red sticker on the package), the amount of beans was less than a buck, and negligible amounts for the flours and oils and seasonings. I thought about making some biscuits (easy CarbQuik ones) but I'm glad we didn't, so we could eat more chicken! (No leftovers tonight, by the way...)

The only addition I might make, if I were feeding someone who liked a little spice, might be some red pepper in the coating. We don't like heat in our food though...

This was so good that I will probably use this coating on chicken breasts, cut into strips, for our church's potluck dinner this-coming Sunday.