Friday, October 5, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 10/4

Actually today I don't have any meal ideas from yesterday! I'd mentioned the leftover pork and hot dogs I ate...I had a cottage cheese snack...but was so tired for some reason that I went to bed right after work and didn't bother to eat supper at all!

Today I broiled the meat I had thawed yesterday and had that for lunch. With nothing else. This evening Pete and I will go to our usual place for the fish fry, we go every Friday.

Even though I haven't had any meal ideas, I'm not bored :). Everything I've eaten tastes wonderful! (And I was down 3# this morning! Must have done something right this week :).)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 10/2-3

Oops - forgot to post yesterday, so today I'll post both days.

Tuesday (10/2) I had well-buttered popcorn for lunch, and roast pork with 1/4 of a sweet potato (well-buttered of course) for supper. If I had a snack I don't recall what it was.

Yesterday I had some butter with a little white rice in it - lol - for lunch and for supper my grandson and I were out running errands after I got off work, so we went out; no need to plan a meal.

Today so far I've eaten some leftover pork and 3 hot dogs (no buns of course). I have a big hunk of chuck roast out of the freezer for supper but what I will do with it remains to be seen!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 10/1

Yesterday's lunch was toast with butter (of course! Most foods are just a vehicle for butter!) and SF fruit spread.

Supper was great! I sliced a few squash (3 yellow, 2 green) lengthwise into planks, coated them with olive oil and garlic powder and roasted them at 425. While they were roasting (I turned them halfway through) I browned some ground beef and onions. Pulled the squash planks out of the oven and sprinkled some shredded mozzarella cheese as "glue", then the crumbled ground beef/onion, then poured some SF spaghetti sauce on top, a little more mozzarella, and finally some parmesan; put it back in the oven until the cheese melted/browned. It was AMAZING!

I definitely wouldn't skip the step of roasting the squash planks, which really added some sweetness. Definitely as long as there is summer squash at a decent price, we will be eating this as often as we can!

I had some yogurt as a snack.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Need Help with my New Addiction! #lowcarb

The other day I mentioned the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce that is carby as heck and terrible for me, but which I thought I'd try since it was a buck for a big bottle and it intrigued me in a weak moment.


I seriously need to find a lowcarb way to make it. Not really being a sauce person I've not had a lot of experience creating sauces. But I NEED to have this, so I NEED to make it myself.

If you know of any recipes, or have tried any, or have created one, please please pretty please share? Meanwhile, I will be doing my own searching for something. Because I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 9/30

I didn't feel much like eating yesterday. All of the restaurant foods over the previous few days just made me kind of sick of food.

Lunch/Supper (yesterday was a one-meal day) was cheap and simple: roasted cabbage/onions/chopped ham, with diced roasted butternut squash. I had my "treat snack" of well-buttered white rice later in the evening. (As mentioned before, white rice for some reason doesn't give me any of the typical symptoms I get after eating carbs, nor does it seem to matter to my weight. Maybe it's that half-stick of butter I put on it? LOL! Someday I'll start testing my blood sugar, maybe, but until then I will enjoy it once in a while.)

I'm about to eat lunch, late: toast. With lots of butter, of course :).