Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great Mushroom Dish!

I've made stuffed portabella caps in the past, but yesterday I took the lazy way and made Cheap'n'Easy casserole. I just lined the bottom of a baking dish with the caps ($2.99)(they were about 2-3" each, not the great big ones) after cleaning them.

Then in a frying pan I browned a package of loose sausage ($1.49) in a little bacon fat, then stirred in some frozen chopped spinach (90¢), and put an 8 oz. brick of cream cheese (79¢) on top and covered the pan. In about 10 minutes the spinach was cooked through and the cream cheese was soft enough to stir into the mixture, which I spooned over the mushroom caps. Sprinkled about 1/2c of shredded Italian cheese blend (53¢ worth) and sprinkled with maybe 2T of parm (from the green can - 10¢ worth), and put into a 350ยบ oven just until the cheese was melty and browning.

About 4 servings for just about $1.70 per...and filling and DELICIOUS! No worries about seasoning because the sausage already has it all...and as you can see from the photo, the serving size is quite generous. The fats and proteins really kept me full for a long time too, saving both time and money on another meal or snack for the day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My #Lowcarb Shopping Trip

As I've mentioned, I usually do a big "stock up" shopping once a month or so - I try to do it in the middle of the month but sometimes I just have to go when I have the time, and a ride (since I can't see well enough to drive). So this month I was a little early but I also didn't buy as much as I usually do because there weren't a whole lot of sales going on for some reason, nor did I find many specials. So I got what I needed to get, at the best prices I could find, and that was that. Also remember that I often have a lot of stuff from the previous month left in my big freezer in the garage or in the cupboard or whatever...

First I went to GFS. Here is what I bought there:
5# b/s chicken breasts @ $8.99
* frozen broccoli florets @ $3.29
* frozen chopped spinach @ $2.49
* frozen yellow squash slices @ $2.29
* frozen cut green beans @ $1.99
(2) * frozen cauliflower @ $5.58
(2) * frozen brussels sprouts @ $5.98
(2) 36-count string cheese @ $14.98
10# frozen crunchy cod @ $32.99 (15gN carbs per piece)
(4) bags Veggie Straw snacks
(1) 32 oz. EVOO @ $14.99
(1) 16 oz. jar granulated onion @ $7.99
(2) frozen Angus Steakburgers, 15 per box, @ $27.58

* = Their bags of frozen vegetables are 2-2½# each; what counts to me is how many servings per bag, rather than how much each bag weighs. And I typically get 4 servings out of each bag.

TOTAL $149.10

Then to Meijer:
2.58# rutabagas @ $2.04
1.35# turnips @ $1.74
0.49# cute little tiny eggplants @ $0.73
(1) celery root @ $1.99
(1) qt. SF chocolate soy milk @ $2.49 (NOTE: I usually buy this at Walmart, cheaper, but knew I wouldn't be going to Walmart for several days so just bought 1.)
0.48# daikon radish @$1.20
(1) package of 6 portabella caps @$2.99
(2) pks of chicken leg quarters @ $7.90 (on sale for 79¢/lb)
2# catfish fillets @ $4.49
10.6 oz package (= 2# sugar) of Ideal granulated sweetener @ $4.99 (on sale)
1# raw almonds @ $5.99
(4) 1# frozen shrimp @ $19.95 (on sale)
10 boxes Dreamfield's pasta (variety) @ $22.90
TOTAL $79.01

We will still do some shopping at Sav-a-Lot and Walmart for a few things here and there this month...but the bulk of our shopping is done, for about $220.00 for low-carb food for the 3 adults in the house...once again, much less than what I spent before I starting low carb shopping, even though that was nearly 6 years ago and prices were cheaper. I spent a MINIMUM of $100/week, and that was just for food.

So there you have it, more of the "cheap" part of "cheap and easy" :).

Monday, March 8, 2010

What I 8 Today (3/8) #lowcarb

for lunch I had some Dreamfield's spaghetti with butter and cheese (finely shredded italian blend, walmart's brand). Supper was broiled steak with summer squashes, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots (came in a blend from GFS) cooked in bacon fat on the side. And a dish of SF ice cream, with whipped cream.

Made Lisa's Sticky Chicken This Weekend, and... was GREAT! Really delicious, I can't even believe something so simple is so good! My chicken breast strips were only half-thawed when I added the marinade to them, and I let them keep thawing in it...I also added just a tsp of granulated splenda to counteract the (almost non-existent/barely there) ketchup-y taste...but it was really really fantastic.

If I did it right, you can click on the title of this entry and it will take to you Lisa's blog - one of my low-carb FAVORITES! - and her recipe. If not, click here to go there.

Lisa, this is a fun, simple, cheap'n'easy, and very tasty recipe, thanks!