Friday, February 3, 2012

First #LowCarb Groceries for February (& What We've Been Eating)

Today I needed a few things so I sent hubby to Sav-a-Lot for me. (I've had some nasty vertigo for a few days and didn't want to stagger around the store like a drunk - lol!) He got more than I asked for, as he always does :). But here's what he spent and what he got:

2# of Country Style pork loin $4.08
2 frozen pizzas $3.58 (I should have known )
20 oz. fish filets $2.99
2 cans of chili beans $1.38
3 cans of tomato sauce $1.47
2 head of cabbage @ 39c/lb $2.05
a big yellow onion $0.79
8# bag of russet potatoes $3.99

TOTAL - $20.33

I know he wants chili, I would buy canned diced tomatoes (and tomato juice) rather than tomato sauce but I can work with it. Got a pound of ground venison (given to us) out of the freezer tonight, will make his chili tomorrow. I don't like chili, so will make some tuna salad or something.

Sunday is a potluck at church, I don't know what I'll make yet but I have some b/s chicken breasts and lots of vegetables so I'll make something out of that. Probably :).

Might as well mention what I ate today: Had a big pile of shaved ham fried in butter on a single slice of low carb bread with swiss cheese and full fat mayo. Then had some of the frozen pizza for an early supper. Can't remember what I made yesterday, except for supper was steaks fried in bacon fat, with green beans fried in bacon fat also but in another pan. Don't remember what else I ate yesterday. Another meal I made this week was chicken breast, cut into strips, wrapped in bacon, baked, and served on top of a big heaping pile of creamed spinach (frozen spinach cooked with butter and full fat cream cheese, seasoned with sea salt and a little onion powder).

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick Note: #Cheap 'n' Easy #Lowcarb, and #couponing

"...I manage to cut between $6000-7000 off my yearly grocery bill..." This was from a video by Happy Homemaker Cindy.

Seriously? I can't imagine even SPENDING that much for food in a year!! Of course, she has kids...but this statement caught my attention so I wanted to share :).