Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just made some lovely "energy bars" for my #toddler grandson and he LOVES 'em! An egg (whipped WELL), some canned sweet potatoes (drained but not rinsed for sweetness), a little oat and a little rice baby cereal leftover from his babyhood, a dried prune for sweetness, some unsweetened coconut flakes, a little healthy coconut oil, a scoop of his toddler formula, a tiny bit of baking powder and a tiny bit of baking soda. (Sorry, I don't measure when I cook or bake.) Poured the thick batter into a small greased loaf pan, and baked at 350 about 30 minutes until done (bounces back, knife comes out clean). When it cooled, I sliced it into toddler-sized slices and put them back into the oven on a flat baking sheet to harden slightly. He is nuts over these things, wants more and more!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Potato Pone Patties ( #lowcarb with subs)

As written, not low carb. And some lowcarbers don't use sweet potatoes at all. But if you do, this could be a fantastic side dish I'd think! Sub out the sugar for the sweetener of your choice, use unsweetened coconut or toss it with some powdered sweetener, and Bob's your uncle! (I don't keep mace but would probably sub about 1/2 tsp nutmeg.) These would be great with ham or pork roast to serve when I had guests, and I might even make a raisin sauce (a basic sauce with SF raisin syrup adding just a few raisins as "garnish") with them. Add a salad of mixed dark greens and maybe some brussels sprouts halved and fried with bacon and red onion...great meal!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Starches and Nausea

The people in my family tend to have stronger-than-your-average-bear reactions to anesthesia. Despite assurances from anesthesiologists that they are able to prevent the nausea following being knocked out, that's never been the case for me. So after my cataract surgery a few days ago, which required just a few minutes under the influence of propofol, I spent the next 36 hour experiencing waves of nausea.

And craving starches. Somehow that's what my body still wants, even after 6-1/2 years of mostly-starch-free eating.

So this week I had a baked potato with butter, and some dreamfield's with butter and cheeses. Not earth-shattering, and I doubt that I gained a single ounce from them. As I've said before, unless and until I choose to lose more weight, I can be a little more flexible, can have the occasional baked potato...

But the whole point is that I find it interesting that, even after all this time eating lowcarb, even though my body is perfectly in sync with its healthy diet of veggies, greens, meats, dairy, fats, nuts, and seeds nearly every day of its stomach still demands starch when it is churning?

Just an observation. :)