Friday, September 21, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 9/20

Yesterday we were on the road most of the day - well, for about 12 hours. Before we left we had pancakes (made with almond flour, eggs, vanilla yogurt, baking powder, and cinnamon) with SF syrup, and loads of bacon.

Suppertime we were on the road but found a restaurant, they happened to have a very extensive (like 8 pages!) menu, including greek food, so I got a moussaka, and a salad on the side. It was delicious! The menu said it contained seasoned meat, eggplant, cheese, and a bachamel sauce (which contains some flour, I know) and of course it would contain eggs and spices. It was served with rice, I had a couple of bites of the rice to cut the richness of the moussaka but that's it.

Snack yesterday was popcorn.

Higher carbs than most days but not horrible, and probably burned them off with all we did!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 9/19

Tomorrow will be a busy day so I'm posting tonight.

For lunch (late morning) I fixed hamburger patties which I served on top of thick tomato slice and a slice of cheese, with mayo and bacon on top. Hubby ate 2, I ate one. It was GREAT, with lots of great fat!

For supper (we ate late afternoon today) hubby bought a rotisserie chicken. I had the breast and wing, and saved the thigh and leg for this evening when I get hungry again.

I also had a snack of yogurt a couple of hours after I ate the chicken.

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 9/18

Yesterday for lunch I had leftover pork and broccoli from the night before. (Hubby works nights, so I often eat leftovers for lunch if he's sleeping.) Since I'm sick with who-knows-what - never had anything like THIS before - hubby just made some Dreamfield's spaghetti with sauce for himself. I had a small dish of it (like, maybe a half-cup?) with butter and a sprinkle of parmesan. I don't think I ate any snacks yesterday, just didn't feel like eating. So it was a boring food day but they can't all be spectacular :).

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 9/17

For lunch (I don't eat breakfast) I had the last of the leftover pork/brussels sprouts/onions from last week, with about a Tbsp of butter melted over it. The original dish was simply seasoned pork pieces that had originally been cooked in a crockpot; in my bit electric fryer I fried up some brussels sprouts, halved, and onion slices in olive oil and butter until browning, then added the shredded pork to it, covered, and let it cook together over medium-low heat for a while. It was amazingly delicious!

For supper last night I oven roasted some pork country ribs after rubbing them with olive oil and salting them. I roasted them at 325 for an hour, then 275 for a couple more hours until they fell off the bone. Removed them from the oven, turned the heat up to 425, and put a baking sheet with frozen broccoli that had been tossed with olive oil and salted on the top rack.

Because my back was bad I didn't want to make a batch of BBQ sauce for the ribs (plus that's more dishes to wash, and washing dishes hurts my back more than just about anything else), so I just put the ingredients on the pork one by one: onion, garlic, and chili powders, brown sugar sub, a sprinkle of liquid smoke, and low-carb ketchup.

By this time the broccoli was starting to brown around the edges so I gave it a toss, put shredded cheddar cheese on top, and returned it to the top shelf, then I put the pork on the middle shelf. Another 15 minutes or so and the cheese with browning on the broccoli, and lots of crispy bits in the pan to put on top...and the toppings on the pork had merged and gotten good and sticky.

We do eat a lot of pork in our house as it is less expensive than beef, and very versatile. We do love our beef also, and of course chicken which is the only cheap meat left in the store.

I also had some heavily buttered popcorn as an afternoon snack.

Anyway, that was what we ate yesterday.

Monday, September 17, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 9/16

I got an email from someone saying that she gets bored with eating the same things over and over again, and asking me to post what I eat to maybe give her some ideas. I haven't done this in quite a while, so I told her I'd start posting what my meals.

I can tell you what I had yesterday, to start...after church we went to KFC for lunch and had the buffet. I ate 2 pieces of tender grilled chicken, a salad with bacon, cheese, and tomatoes on it with 1000 Island dressing (half packet is plenty, nasty stuff in it!), one spoonful of cole slaw, and one spoonful of potato salad.

For supper I made "steak" (we buy English cut beef roasts and slice them in half horizontally to make "steaks" out of them), fried in oil and heavily seasoned with garlic, onion, and chili powder and seasoned salt, and whole baby green beans (from frozen) that I cooked in a mixture of olive oil and butter with sea salt and onion powder.

Just an added note: About a week ago I noticed the pounds starting to creep up - just 3# but still... So I made sure to eat LOTS of fat last week and, in spite of my carby meal* on Friday night I lost the 3# plus 2# more as well.

*I usually have 1 carby meal each week. And if I'm not trying to lose, sometimes 2.

Tonight I will post what I had today.