Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Final March #Lowcarb Grocery Tally

So far in March I posted $205.51 in grocery receipts. Then I didn't post any of the others that I had accumulated through the rest of the month. So here they are :).

Walmart, 3/9/12:
Orville's popping corn, jar is about a quart $4.98
Coconut Oil $5.98
EV Olive Oil, about a quart but it's in metric $10.48
Blue Bunny no-added-sugar ice cream $3.97
TOTAL $25.41

Sav-a-Lot, 3/10/12 (These items were for a stay-at-home "date" from my husband)
.81# Kogels Viennas $3.64
8 ct. hot dug buns $1.09
(2) cans hot dog sauce @ $0,69 ea $1.38
(3) bags of salad on sale for $0.99 ea $2.97 (just because they were on sale)
TOTAL $9.08

Merchandise Mart, 3/15/12
I picked up some SF juice for my grandson, some little snacky things for hubby's lunches and for grandson, some pumpkinseed & oat crackers that I love, and some Miracle Noodles (just $0.79 each!) - too much to list, got a lot of stuff for my $24.57

Aldi's, 3/23/12
(7) quarts half'n'half $12.53
rice $2.70
(3) 8 oz cream cheese $2.97
cheese crackers for grandson $1.49
TOTAL $19.69

GFS, 3/23/12
Spent $52.62 on meats, frozen vegetables, spices, and a 5# bag of peanuts for hubby

Glen's, 3/24/12
Almost 3YO grandson wanted to go to the store for "fishsticks, raspberry tea, and waffles" - lol. With my coupons and a certificate I got this $18 order cheap @ just $2.42!

Glen's, 3/29/12
(2) big ranch steaks, last day markdown, $5.79 (close to 3# total)
(2) big turkey thighs, about 3#, $5.19
(1) big chunk of ham $8.24 (could have gotten cheaper elsewhere but too tired)*
about 6.5# of green cabbage $3.79*
10# yellow onions $4.00 on sale*
(6) sweet potatoes @ $0.99/lb $$3,19
* for the church potluck dish to pass
TOTAL $30.20

MARCH TOTAL - $369.50

Pretty high this month! Of course I did some stocking up, that always adds a lot...we had our "date", and I bought special food for the potluck, whereas typically I would use what I already had. Plus, of course, my little grandson's shopping trip (he was so cute!)...but it will all average out in the end - always does :).

Monday, April 2, 2012

End of March

I have gotten SO busy it's not even funny this month. There's a stack of grocery receipts sitting next to me on the table, I'm hoping that tomorrow I will get a chance to put them in and come up with our grand total for March!