Saturday, February 11, 2012

Such a Yummy #Lowcarb Day! (How I Actually Use These Groceries!)

Before I forget, Pete ran to the store to pick up 3 bags of pork rinds, they were $1.19 each at Sav-a-Lot. (I will see what they are at Aldi, and perhaps stock up, the next time I'm in Saginaw.) So, adding $3.57 to our previous total, so far this month we've spent $113.66.

Today was so good! For late breakfast/early lunch I scrambled 4 eggs with full fat sour cream and a handful (about 1/4c) of shredded cheese; we had it with 2 sausage patties each. Late lunch/snack was pork rinds dipped in a mixture of salsa/sour cream; these are best if I first bake a layer of cheese onto the porkies but I was too hungry and didn't feel like it - and they were still really delicious!!

Supper - ooooh, supper...soooo good! I coated my tilapia fillets with a mixture of coconut flour and carbquik (2:1), and added some seafood seasoning and sea salt, then fried it in butter/olive oil until crisp outside and tender inside. Tilapia is great for this, it's thin enough to cook through quickly on higher heat so it can crisp up - high enough that the butter doesn't burn, but just barely. And I made the green beans we love (sauteed in butter/olive oil with sea salt and onion powder), and I have a bunch of 2c bags of cooked hubbard squash in the freezer - I got 4 hubbard squashes from friends this fall that I cooked and bagged - so we had one of those also, seasoned with butter, brown sugar sub, and cinnamon.

If I want a snack later I'll have some dark chocolate.

I'm going to get a pork roast out of the freezer tonight to roast tomorrow, and will make some fried cabbage with it. I'll make bacon for before church tomorrow, and will use some of the bacon fat, and some of the bacon, for the cabbage. I have 4 small potatoes left, so I'll bake those to go with it...

Friday, February 10, 2012

And Yet a Few More #Lowcarb Groceries

I didn't buy nearly what I wanted to get, but the prices were to outrageous, I will have to make do with what I got on Wednesday:

4.54# chicken drumsticks $4.40
(3) 12 oz chubs ground turkey @ $1.00 ea
2# tilapia fillets $5.99
24 pack drinking water $2.99
(2) 16 oz boxes baking soda* @ $0.59 ea.
(3) 15 oz, cans tomato sauce $1.00
(1) gal. white vinegar* $2.29
(2) 20 oz. pkgs ham "ends & pieces" @ $0.99 ea
(3) 20 oz. pkgs turkey "ends & pieces" @ $0.99 ea.

*I use these more for cleaning than cooking, but including them anyway

TOTAL $25.80

(2) eggplants @ $1.64/lb - $3.49
(2) 16 oz frozen cauliflower @ $1.29 ea
(1) 14 oz. frozen brussels sprouts $1.68
(1) NSA apple juice (for grandson) $1.97
(2) frozen meals for Pete's lunches @ $1.00 ea
(1) spaghetti squash @ $0.69/lb - $1.33
(1) head of iceburg lettuce $0.94
(1) 24 oz cottage cheese (full fat) $2.68
(1) 24 oz sour cream (full fat) $2.08
(2) 15 oz whole-milk ricotta @ $1.59 ea

TOTAL - $21.91

TOTAL for the month so far $110.09 - and it's only the 10th! But my freezer and cupboards are pretty full, so I'll just fill in here and there for the rest of the month.

And what I've been eating:
Wednesday I prepared the entire package of chicken legs (seasoned well & roasted) for quick snacks, Pete's lunches, whatever. I had 4 chicken legs for a late lunch, then a steak with fauxtatoes (cauli, butter, sour cream mashed) for supper.

Thursday I had pork rinds dipped in sour cream and salsa for lunch; supper was lasagna using thin eggplant slices for noodles; also contained tomato sauce, seasonings, ground turkey, ½ onion, cottage, ricotta, and mozzarella cheeses, and an egg. I also had 4 squares of 82% cacao chocolate as a snack.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February #LowCarb Groceries #2

We were in Saginaw yesterday, didn't have a whole lot of time but managed a quick trip through Aldi's while we were there. I'm so excited to have rediscovered this gem! I used to shop there all the time when I lived in Lansing (they have TWO of them!) and have really missed it.

Anyway, here is what I bought:
(1) 16 oz. Mexican Shredded Cheese $2.99
(2) 16 oz. Shredded Mozzarella @ $3.49 ea.
(2) dark chocolate bars, 1 @ 99¢, 1 @ $1.49
(1) bag of chips (Hubby got for himself) $1.99
(1) 100 ct. saccharin sweetener packets $1.19 (I usually buy the bulk box which is MUCH cheaper, but we were out of it; it's best not to go to another store, where I buy more stuff than I need! I spend much less by paying a little more at a store I'm already at.)
(1) 33.9 oz can of coffee $5.49
(1) 11.3 oz can decaf coffee $2.79
(1) pint jar salsa $1.79
(1) box instant rice $1.35 (will use in potluck meals for church; ½c goes a long way in a casserole!)
(2) cans diced tomatoes 59¢ ea
(1) can parmesan cheese $2.39
(1) 16 oz pkg American cheese slices 99¢
(1) 16 oz pkg Swiss cheese slices $1.99
(1) bottle salad dressing $1.29
(4) quarts half'n'half @ $1.79 ea

TOTAL @ Aldi's was $42.05; total for the month so far $62.38. And I have to go pick up a few things today for meals through this next week: eggplant and ground sausage for lasagna (and I can use up that vile lowfat cottage cheese I picked up by mistake!), turnips, onions, cauliflower, brussels sprouts (hubby's favorite veggie), popcorn, broth, fish, SOS soap pads (I like these SO much better than Brillo!), dog food...and if there's any "red sticker" meat for a good price I might bring home some of that as well. I will be up near $100 within the first 10 days of the month but shouldn't need to spend more than another $100 before March - unless I have an opportunity to stock up on something for a great price :).