Friday, February 10, 2012

And Yet a Few More #Lowcarb Groceries

I didn't buy nearly what I wanted to get, but the prices were to outrageous, I will have to make do with what I got on Wednesday:

4.54# chicken drumsticks $4.40
(3) 12 oz chubs ground turkey @ $1.00 ea
2# tilapia fillets $5.99
24 pack drinking water $2.99
(2) 16 oz boxes baking soda* @ $0.59 ea.
(3) 15 oz, cans tomato sauce $1.00
(1) gal. white vinegar* $2.29
(2) 20 oz. pkgs ham "ends & pieces" @ $0.99 ea
(3) 20 oz. pkgs turkey "ends & pieces" @ $0.99 ea.

*I use these more for cleaning than cooking, but including them anyway

TOTAL $25.80

(2) eggplants @ $1.64/lb - $3.49
(2) 16 oz frozen cauliflower @ $1.29 ea
(1) 14 oz. frozen brussels sprouts $1.68
(1) NSA apple juice (for grandson) $1.97
(2) frozen meals for Pete's lunches @ $1.00 ea
(1) spaghetti squash @ $0.69/lb - $1.33
(1) head of iceburg lettuce $0.94
(1) 24 oz cottage cheese (full fat) $2.68
(1) 24 oz sour cream (full fat) $2.08
(2) 15 oz whole-milk ricotta @ $1.59 ea

TOTAL - $21.91

TOTAL for the month so far $110.09 - and it's only the 10th! But my freezer and cupboards are pretty full, so I'll just fill in here and there for the rest of the month.

And what I've been eating:
Wednesday I prepared the entire package of chicken legs (seasoned well & roasted) for quick snacks, Pete's lunches, whatever. I had 4 chicken legs for a late lunch, then a steak with fauxtatoes (cauli, butter, sour cream mashed) for supper.

Thursday I had pork rinds dipped in sour cream and salsa for lunch; supper was lasagna using thin eggplant slices for noodles; also contained tomato sauce, seasonings, ground turkey, ½ onion, cottage, ricotta, and mozzarella cheeses, and an egg. I also had 4 squares of 82% cacao chocolate as a snack.


  1. Just food for thought. Have you ever tried subbing plain yogurt instead of sour cream? I do it all the time. No one in my family or our friends can tell the difference. Except I know that they are all getting the probiotics from the yogurt that they don't from the sour cream. I could be wrong but I think the yogurt has less fat and less calories than sour cream. Tho yes, I know, a calorie isn't a calorie. Personally I prefer the taste of the plain yogurt. It adds a nice pleasant mild tanginess. Sour cream tends to taste a bit more sharper.

    I'm considering making a goat milk yogurt for a friend of mine. She loves yogurt but can't drink cow milk. It would make a nice gift for her.

  2. Actually I do use yogurt in some recipes :). I prefer sour cream for most things but we do eat yogurt when I make it...which is when I have enough in the budget for a gallon of heavy cream. (I try to get at least 70% of my calories, preferably 75-80%, from fat - hard to do!) Store yogurt just isn't the same once we get used to eating fresh, so I don't often buy it. But you are absolutely right, it is a personal preference and yogurt is definitely a healthy choice, thanks for mentioning it, Littlesky!