Monday, October 29, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredome - Meal Ideas - Oct. 27-29

Saturday the 27th we had popcorn - well-buttered (literally half a stick on mine, as usual) - for lunch. Supper was hamburgers. I made Maria's sub buns but shaped them as hamburger buns, brushed the tops with water, and sprinkled them with raw sesame seeds. They puffed up a LOT as they were baking, and the resulting hamburgers, served with fried onions and cheese, were AMAZING! I had been craving a good hamburger on a bun for a long time, and it more than satisfied me. I also made french fries from frozen (I have NO IDEA why there was a bag of frozen french fries in the bottom of my freezer!) but only ate about 4-5, myself.

Yesterday we munched on sausage and cheese slices on the way to church, and those tided us over through the afternoon until supper: roasted pork seasoned fairly heavily with seasoned salt and onion and garlic powders, with delicata squash (my favorite) with butter.

Today I was too busy to eat. Late afternoon - after 5:00 - I had a spoonful of peanut butter because I was starving. A couple of hours later I broiled a couple of steaks and cooked the bag of veggie mix I had bought (green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots) quickly in a frying pan over high heat with butter and olive oil, seasoned with lots of onion and garlic powder, and sea salt.

And that's what we've been eating.

Tomorrow I will be out for lunch with my daughter; I will be too tired and painful too coo tomorrow night so it will be frozen pizza - yup, carbs. So be it :). I will eat a couple of pieces and that will be plenty, I'll be too tired to eat much anyway.