Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Request for Ideas Please?

As I wrote in my ChiaChatter blog this morning, my doctor has strongly suggested that I go on a liquid diet from now until my surgery on December 1st. While I'm not on a CLEAR liquid diet, and while it is "just" a suggestion, I believe it to be a good one. I have had such pain and such bloating every time I eat (I may as well be flat-chested as my double-DDs are smaller than my bloated belly!) that it has become hardly worth it anyway. I've been eating one meal - a small meal - per day for over a week, and then suffering terribly the rest of the day. It doesn't matter what the food is, only that I ate it.

Today I had some leftover mushroom soup from the other day. It still tasted AMAZING! But now I am in agony again. I can't believe that just those few bits of mushroom could hurt that much...but maybe it is just that I ate at all. Doc also told me to drink a can of Ensure every day - BLECH!!! Maybe some protein powder mixed into my eggnog? I need to figure out my

Speaking of which, I'm trying to think of things I will enjoy, that will go through a straw. I like eggnog, and eggs are such nutritional powerhouses! I'll make soups, both creamy and clear, but avoid my favorites of broccoli and cauliflower because I can't afford "gassy" vegetables right now. Cheese soup might be good. Jello of course...home-made whipped topping is a rare treat. Pudding? I don't know if that is really a liquid...but it isn't hard to digest, and should move right through, shouldn't it? I will have to try...soft-boiled eggs? I guess not really a liquid...what else? No carbonated beverages but I drink my diet Vernors flat anyway; hubby keeps an open bottle on the counter for me so it is warm and flat just like I like it. And tea of course. I don't care for fruit juices but maybe just a little, mixed with yogurt to make a smoothie...

I am not going to worry overly much about carbs during this time; however I don't like sugary sweet things much anyway. To sweeten my eggnog I will use a drop of sweetzfree and that will be enough for the little bit of "sweet" that I like, just by way of example. So I doubt that I'll be getting too many carbs in my "diet" anyway.

So. 3+ weeks of liquids (and of course afterward, although at first probably clear liquids?) until the Big Day...I need ideas, if you have any please :).