Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Request for Ideas Please?

As I wrote in my ChiaChatter blog this morning, my doctor has strongly suggested that I go on a liquid diet from now until my surgery on December 1st. While I'm not on a CLEAR liquid diet, and while it is "just" a suggestion, I believe it to be a good one. I have had such pain and such bloating every time I eat (I may as well be flat-chested as my double-DDs are smaller than my bloated belly!) that it has become hardly worth it anyway. I've been eating one meal - a small meal - per day for over a week, and then suffering terribly the rest of the day. It doesn't matter what the food is, only that I ate it.

Today I had some leftover mushroom soup from the other day. It still tasted AMAZING! But now I am in agony again. I can't believe that just those few bits of mushroom could hurt that much...but maybe it is just that I ate at all. Doc also told me to drink a can of Ensure every day - BLECH!!! Maybe some protein powder mixed into my eggnog? I need to figure out my

Speaking of which, I'm trying to think of things I will enjoy, that will go through a straw. I like eggnog, and eggs are such nutritional powerhouses! I'll make soups, both creamy and clear, but avoid my favorites of broccoli and cauliflower because I can't afford "gassy" vegetables right now. Cheese soup might be good. Jello of course...home-made whipped topping is a rare treat. Pudding? I don't know if that is really a liquid...but it isn't hard to digest, and should move right through, shouldn't it? I will have to try...soft-boiled eggs? I guess not really a liquid...what else? No carbonated beverages but I drink my diet Vernors flat anyway; hubby keeps an open bottle on the counter for me so it is warm and flat just like I like it. And tea of course. I don't care for fruit juices but maybe just a little, mixed with yogurt to make a smoothie...

I am not going to worry overly much about carbs during this time; however I don't like sugary sweet things much anyway. To sweeten my eggnog I will use a drop of sweetzfree and that will be enough for the little bit of "sweet" that I like, just by way of example. So I doubt that I'll be getting too many carbs in my "diet" anyway.

So. 3+ weeks of liquids (and of course afterward, although at first probably clear liquids?) until the Big Day...I need ideas, if you have any please :).


  1. I am so sorry. I can't comprehend how miserable you are or what you are going through. I really don't have anything to add but wanted to let you know that I will keep you in my prayers. In September when I had a procedure done I ate applesauce even though it wasn't low carb. I had to be on a liquid diet and that was on the list. I tested my blood glucose and it was always under 100 so it didn't harm me. Please let us know how you are doing. We do care.

  2. Applesauce, of course! That is something I haven't eaten in so long that I forgot about it, thank you! :) And while I realize that these things vary among individuals I am glad to hear that it didn't raise your BG too!

    Thanks for the prayers! The God that we serve will be faithful to answer, I know :).

  3. Do you have a list of forbidden foods? Do you need foods that are easy to digest or that are smooth texture? Have you tried not mixing your proteins with carbs and see if that helps? We'll be praying for you! FB me if there are any particulars I should be praying about for you and/or to answer the above questions although I'll subscribe to the comments too :-)

  4. I sometimes "fast" on protein supplements.
    Broth is good - but pretty clear and not too substantial.
    Also I drink Pasteurized Egg Whites - they are really good with a little cinnamon and nutmeg!
    Hope you feel better soon!