Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I 8 Fri/Sat #lowcarb

Friday was some leftover grilled pork steak and some cocktail-sized pumpnickel slices with SF jam at lunchtime.

Saturday (today) was a chicken leg and some spinach with italian blend shredded cheese and butter on it aerlier in the afternoon, and some dreamfields with butter and italian blend shredded cheese for supper. I'll probably have a little SF ice cream tonight, I'm hungrier for some reason dangit! :) But I know better than to ignore the signal...I'll eat everything in sight if I do!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not Much Appetite & Eating Less - YAY! #lowcarb

I've been snacking more than eating meals lately, as I don't really want much food. Examples of "meals" might be a few slices of pumpnickel cockatail bread (bought several months ago, in case you're keeping track) with some full-fat cream cheese, or half of a grilled pork steak, or a few slices of cheese. We have some delicious SF ice cream in the fridge but it hasn't appealed to me.

I guess that's a good thing! When I don't feel like eating I don't eat; when I do, it doesn't take much to stop the hunger. I wish my body had acted this way years ago - lol!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hangin' In! & Shopping Receipts

I don't have a huge appetite these days, so haven't been eating as much. More like a few snacks each day. As an example, yesterday I had some baked fish for breakfast, snacked on some veggie straws in the afternoon, and ate half of a grilled steak for supper.

Sometimes I have some Dreamfield's pasta with melted italian blend cheese and olive oil, and then a hamburger patty later.

And I have some receipts from this month. Here it is the 20th and I haven't entered any receipts yet! Here's what I bought so far, so you can keep up with the "cheap" part of "cheap'n'easy" low carb eating :).

1# Bob's Red Mill Low Carb Baking Mix @ $6.49
(this will probably last a year, I only use a spoonful at a time!)
3 boxes Angus Steakburgers (15 per box) @ $15.99 each
($1.06 per burger)
5# shredded cabbage @ $3.99
120 slices American cheese @ $9.99
(8c per slice)
4# brats @ $11.49
2.5# frozen whole green beans @ $2.99
(2) SF Chocolate Syrup @ $1.19 ea
(This stuff is gross, I don't know how I'll use it up!)
1/2 gal SF vanilla ice cream @ $2.29
(A different brand than usual, also gross, we threw it away!)
(1) eggplant @ $1.95
(2) quarts half'n'half @ $1.99 each
(6) Dreamfield's spaghetti @ 2.29 each
(2) daikons @ $7.95 total
(4) quarts SF Edy's SF ice cream, on sale for 4/$10.00
2# frozen shrimp @ $7.99 ea.
5# Koegel franks @ $11.49

And then I got a bunch of chuck roasts (which we slice into "steaks" and grill as such) and chicken leg quarters. The leg quarters were on sale for 79c/lb and the chuck roasts were $2.29/lb. The total for all of these was $46.38.

TOTAL - $179.39

We've done a couple of quick trips since; when I locate those receipts I'll add them. But this is the lion's share of this month's shopping. We still have a bunch of frozen veggies in our chest freezer in the garage, so we're not buying a whole bunch of those, and still have eggs and butter and olive oil.

That's it for today! :)