Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Delicious #Lowcarb Quiche! (& a couple more receipts...)

Whenever I slice my lowcarb bread it seems that I end up with a couple of slices that just aren't right. I dry these for breadcrumbs, or set them aside for another use. Tonight I used some of these pieces in my quiche.
I melted a half stick of butter in a 9" round pyrex baking dish, then I broke the bread into small pieces and put it in the dish to soak up the butter. While it was doing that I whisked together a half-dozen eggs with a half-cup of full fat ricotta cheese and a little S&P, and diced some ham into small dices, which I spread across the soaked bread. Then I sprinkled a few handfuls of frozen spinach (out of the big bag, it's pretty loose, like crumbles) on the ham, and poured the egg/ricotta mixture on top. Into a 350 oven for 30 minutes, at which time I removed it and sprinkled some shredded colby-jack cheese on top. After another 20 minutes in the oven it was lovely! And I do have to say that this is one of the best quiches I've ever made! Isn't it beautiful???

I've been sick all week, so today hubby went to the store to pick up a few things. Here are the receipts:

Walmart -
(1) rotisserie chicken $4.58
(1) Blue Bunny no sugar added ice cream $3.97
(because it would feel good on my swollen and painful throat)
(1) 20 ct. berry flavored teabags $2.38
TOTAL $12.16 (with tax)

Sav-a-Lot -
(1) lb butter $2.39
(1) box saltines $0.99
(1) 24 ct. decaf teabags $0.99
TOTAL $4.37

Then he stopped at Dollar General to pick up some Whales crackers for our grandson for another buck.

TOTAL today = $17.53

TOTAL for February so far $172.90

It really is a lot more expensive to go to the store more often and just buy a few things at a time! If nothing else, this month is evidence of that.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Few More #Lowcarb Grocery Receipts

Seems like we're just going to nickel and dime our way through this month! That's what I get for not doing a "big shopping" to start with, I guess :).

Sav-a-Lot (Feb.5 - just found receipt):
(2) quarts half'n'half @ $1.99 ea
(2) frozen 14.34 oz. pizzas @ $1.79 ea
(4) packages SF pudding mix @ $0.50 ea.
(1) some kind of cheese on the receipt, don't remember now what exactly $1.49
TOTAL $11.05

Aldi (Feb.10)
(1) jar salsa $1.79
(1) 15 oz. sour cream $1.29
(4) quarts half'n'half @ $1.79 ea
(1) 11.3 oz can decaf coffee $2.79
(2) bags pork rinds @ $0.89 ea (They're $1.19 at Sav-a-Lot!!)
(1) pint carton liquid egg whites $1.89 (specifically for a recipe I want to try)
(2) cans diced tomatoes @ $0.59 ea.
(1) jar SF raspberry preserves $1.99
(1) jar peanut butter $2.29
(1) 3# bag of yellow onions $1.59
(2) 12 ct. large eggs @ $1.19 ea. (They're $2/dozen around here!!)
(2) cans tuna in water @ $0.59 ea. (They're $0.79 around here!!)
TOTAL $27.31

Then this morning before I got up my husband went to Walmart and got (4) frozen 9 oz. pizzas (!) @ $1.36 ea. and a 2# bag of popcorn for $1.48 - TOTAL = $6.92 (These were the small pizzas; for another $0.43 he could have gotten pizzas that were nearly 50% bigger, if he'd gone to Sav-a-Lot...which is also a lot closer, so less gas used...but he doesn't do things my way which doesn't make him wrong, just, well, more expensive :). )

So there are still 2 weeks left to the month and we've spent $155.37. Less than $45 left for the month in the budget (although I could spend more than that if I had to - I just do my best not to go over $200/mo.), I think we can do it...although since Pete bought popcorn, we'll be using more butter :).