Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tonight's Supper

Really though this is about my first time posting on Blogger from my new DroidX...and if all goes well my firtst time adding a picture I took with my new DroidX!

So let's  see what happens...gonna tap Publish now...excitement is building...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cheesy Turnip Casserole with Bacon #lowcarb #recipe

I had 3 turnips in my crisper and needed something to round out a meal, so I peeled and cubed them, and boiled them until soft in heavily salted water that also had about a tsp of xylitol (something sweet mellows the "bite" that turnips can have). When they were drained I mashed them well, then mixed in about a half-cupful of finely chopped cooked bacon and a half-cupful of shredded colby-jack cheese, with about 2Tbsp of heavy cream. Topped it off with a generous layer of more colby-jack cheese, and put it in the oven at 350. About 10 minutes later the cheese was all melty and had started to brown in a few spots. This made about 6 servings, at approx. $0.70 per serving. (I will leave it in the oven longer next time, to get browner on top!)

I also had some asparagus (the frozen package of 8 oz. was $2.25 but I didn't buy it, my daughter brought it to me) that I sauteed in butter and olive oil (less than a quarter total, I'm sure!), and seasoned just with salt and a little onion powder. This served my husband and me, with one spear for my almost-2YO grandson, so that was $1.50/serving.

And I roasted 6 large chicken leg quarters (nearly 5# total!) that were on sale for $3.98, or 67c each. I brined them, and to the salty water I added powdered ginger, garlic, and onion in liberal amounts. Even if I count 25c/serving for the seasonings - and it wasn't NEARLY that much - the chicken was <$1/serving.

My own meal was less than $3 (but I wouldn't have bought that asparagus for that price, we'd have had a less expensive green vegetable instead), low carb, and extremely filling, healthy, and delicious! Hubby's meal was a little more, because he eats more than I do...but he also took some to work in his lunch, and had another meal of chicken and turnip casserole the next day. Now THAT's thrifty!