Friday, March 4, 2011

That LOVELY Bread - Again! (lovely photo) #lowcarb

I continue to make the bread about which I recently posted, usually 2 loaves a week will give us what we need for the week. I like a piece of toast every so often with lots of butter, a schmear of cream cheese, and some SF jam. Pete takes sandwiches to work for his lunch. And it makes a great grilled cheese sandwich too! This weekend I will see how it does for french toast, but I have no reason to believe it won't be excellent also!

Today I was watching Guy's Big Bite and he made a sandwich with cream cheese, bananas, and sliced strawberries, pressed it all together, dipped it in the egg/milk, and fried it on the flat top. I am thinking I would positively swoon for a sandwich like that! Only I would just do the cream cheese and berries, or even just my jam. It is something I just might try for a treat this weekend...and it will still be very low in carbs - under 10 for the entire sandwich but I will only be able to eat half at a time anyway. It is the SF syrup that would be my downfall, but I probably won't have to use it at all.

Anyway, going back to the bread that I had written about here: I had taken a photo of this perfectly beautiful loaf while it was still cooling in the bread machine pan, and I wanted to post it here. That's the only reason for this post :). Doesn't it look absolutely divine????

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So...90 days Post Op, my Low Carb Diet Is...

...pretty normal. I've of course written more about that in my Nissen Fundoplication blog, but for the first 3 months I ate mostly low carb and still ate some other carby foods because many days I had to eat what I could, or what felt right, and occasionally that involved carbs.

But I'm back to normal as far as my diet goes, so I will probably start reporting what I eat, and any recipes, again. I'll just start with March 1st. Which was a carby day :). I wasn't home much, so had to eat 2 meals in restaurants. Since I still can't eat a full plateful of food, and I did make mostly good choices, the damage probably wasn't too bad :). Then yesterday I had leftovers: roasted chicken thighs, steak, and creamed spinach. Today I had half a grilled cheese sandwich (using the great bread I recently posted about), a dish of SF butter pecan ice cream, some roasted chicken breast, bacon, and green beans cooked on the stovetop in butter and olive oil, seasoned with garlic and onion powders, and garlic salt. I craved milk today, though, and drank probably 3 cups of whole milk. Still, I was probably at about 50gN for the day and that's fine with me.

So that is March so far :).