Friday, March 4, 2011

That LOVELY Bread - Again! (lovely photo) #lowcarb

I continue to make the bread about which I recently posted, usually 2 loaves a week will give us what we need for the week. I like a piece of toast every so often with lots of butter, a schmear of cream cheese, and some SF jam. Pete takes sandwiches to work for his lunch. And it makes a great grilled cheese sandwich too! This weekend I will see how it does for french toast, but I have no reason to believe it won't be excellent also!

Today I was watching Guy's Big Bite and he made a sandwich with cream cheese, bananas, and sliced strawberries, pressed it all together, dipped it in the egg/milk, and fried it on the flat top. I am thinking I would positively swoon for a sandwich like that! Only I would just do the cream cheese and berries, or even just my jam. It is something I just might try for a treat this weekend...and it will still be very low in carbs - under 10 for the entire sandwich but I will only be able to eat half at a time anyway. It is the SF syrup that would be my downfall, but I probably won't have to use it at all.

Anyway, going back to the bread that I had written about here: I had taken a photo of this perfectly beautiful loaf while it was still cooling in the bread machine pan, and I wanted to post it here. That's the only reason for this post :). Doesn't it look absolutely divine????


  1. I've made french toast sandwiches before and they're super yummy! I use cream cheese and Simply Fruit jelly, so I don't see why SF jelly would be any different. No added sugars or syrup in mine either. You don't need them. It's delicious as is :-)

  2. Oooh, can't wait to try it then! Didn't get around to making bread today but tomorrow is another day :). I'm drooling - lol

  3. Be sure and let us know how they come out :-) We've used different flavors jelly but like blueberry the best! Lots of options for ya ;-)

  4. ...and it tastes as good as it looks, too! I need to make a post of my modifications to the original recipe...