Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today's Netrition Order

This is today's haul from Netrition! I typically order from them twice a year or so, and spend $100-200 each time. But this time it was only about $60 because I didn't get any of the flavored syrups that are typically included in my orders.

Carbquik - $11.99 for a 3# box - I haven't bought any of this in probably 5 years, as I've learned or devised other ways of doing the things I used to do with Carbquik. But I decided to order some to simplify my life at times. Seriously, isn't it easier just to mix in a little water and oil to make the occasional biscuits? And, when seasoned, I always enjoyed it as a coating for fish. So I'm buying my once-every-5-years box.

Peanut Flour - $4.79 for 1# - I've never bought this before. But I have seen some recipes that use it, so I purchased it more out of curiosity than anything else.

Erithrytol - $7.59 for 1# - This is much pricier than the xylitol I have always used. But I have a couple of dogs that I love, a toddler grandson, and a mother with dementia; both spend a lot of time at my home and both allow the dogs to eat people food (by dropping or offering) in spite of my "no people food!" rule. Better safe than sorry, I'd hate to lose a dog because I was too cheap to get the more appropriate polyol. That it is also better for low carbers is just a side benefit.

EZ-Sweetz - $6.99 for 0.5 oz - I got 2 of these because I use it a lot. Each has the sweetening power of 5.9# of sugar. It's cheaper to buy it this way than one 2 oz bottle (not as potent) for $13.99, with the sweetening power of 10# of sugar.

PolyD Fiber - $2.39 for 1# - I use this in baking sweets sometimes, mostly in muffins, cupcakes, and cakes. This bag will last a long time; I bought 5# the last time and it took me several years to use it up.

Wheat Protein Isolate 5000 - $4.79 for 1# - I bought 2 of these, as they make up a goodly portion of my bread machine bread. I also plan to use it for pizza crusts.

I also have some Vital Wheat Gluten on order through, and I will have to pick up more golden flax seeds the next time I'm at the health food store. I have plenty of nut flours on hand that I buy locally (or buy the nuts and make the flour myself), corn bran, oat and wheat bran, and oat flour. I use my mill for oat flour and garbanzo bean flour as the oats and chickpeas are much cheaper when bought whole.

Since the bread machine bread is SO SO SO delicious I will continue to make it at least weekly, my husband loves his sandwiches in his lunch for work, and I like my occasional slice of toast. I look forward to lots of good baking through the next few months!