Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hangin' In! & Shopping Receipts

I don't have a huge appetite these days, so haven't been eating as much. More like a few snacks each day. As an example, yesterday I had some baked fish for breakfast, snacked on some veggie straws in the afternoon, and ate half of a grilled steak for supper.

Sometimes I have some Dreamfield's pasta with melted italian blend cheese and olive oil, and then a hamburger patty later.

And I have some receipts from this month. Here it is the 20th and I haven't entered any receipts yet! Here's what I bought so far, so you can keep up with the "cheap" part of "cheap'n'easy" low carb eating :).

1# Bob's Red Mill Low Carb Baking Mix @ $6.49
(this will probably last a year, I only use a spoonful at a time!)
3 boxes Angus Steakburgers (15 per box) @ $15.99 each
($1.06 per burger)
5# shredded cabbage @ $3.99
120 slices American cheese @ $9.99
(8c per slice)
4# brats @ $11.49
2.5# frozen whole green beans @ $2.99
(2) SF Chocolate Syrup @ $1.19 ea
(This stuff is gross, I don't know how I'll use it up!)
1/2 gal SF vanilla ice cream @ $2.29
(A different brand than usual, also gross, we threw it away!)
(1) eggplant @ $1.95
(2) quarts half'n'half @ $1.99 each
(6) Dreamfield's spaghetti @ 2.29 each
(2) daikons @ $7.95 total
(4) quarts SF Edy's SF ice cream, on sale for 4/$10.00
2# frozen shrimp @ $7.99 ea.
5# Koegel franks @ $11.49

And then I got a bunch of chuck roasts (which we slice into "steaks" and grill as such) and chicken leg quarters. The leg quarters were on sale for 79c/lb and the chuck roasts were $2.29/lb. The total for all of these was $46.38.

TOTAL - $179.39

We've done a couple of quick trips since; when I locate those receipts I'll add them. But this is the lion's share of this month's shopping. We still have a bunch of frozen veggies in our chest freezer in the garage, so we're not buying a whole bunch of those, and still have eggs and butter and olive oil.

That's it for today! :)

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