Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My #Lowcarb Shopping Trip

As I've mentioned, I usually do a big "stock up" shopping once a month or so - I try to do it in the middle of the month but sometimes I just have to go when I have the time, and a ride (since I can't see well enough to drive). So this month I was a little early but I also didn't buy as much as I usually do because there weren't a whole lot of sales going on for some reason, nor did I find many specials. So I got what I needed to get, at the best prices I could find, and that was that. Also remember that I often have a lot of stuff from the previous month left in my big freezer in the garage or in the cupboard or whatever...

First I went to GFS. Here is what I bought there:
5# b/s chicken breasts @ $8.99
* frozen broccoli florets @ $3.29
* frozen chopped spinach @ $2.49
* frozen yellow squash slices @ $2.29
* frozen cut green beans @ $1.99
(2) * frozen cauliflower @ $5.58
(2) * frozen brussels sprouts @ $5.98
(2) 36-count string cheese @ $14.98
10# frozen crunchy cod @ $32.99 (15gN carbs per piece)
(4) bags Veggie Straw snacks
(1) 32 oz. EVOO @ $14.99
(1) 16 oz. jar granulated onion @ $7.99
(2) frozen Angus Steakburgers, 15 per box, @ $27.58

* = Their bags of frozen vegetables are 2-2½# each; what counts to me is how many servings per bag, rather than how much each bag weighs. And I typically get 4 servings out of each bag.

TOTAL $149.10

Then to Meijer:
2.58# rutabagas @ $2.04
1.35# turnips @ $1.74
0.49# cute little tiny eggplants @ $0.73
(1) celery root @ $1.99
(1) qt. SF chocolate soy milk @ $2.49 (NOTE: I usually buy this at Walmart, cheaper, but knew I wouldn't be going to Walmart for several days so just bought 1.)
0.48# daikon radish @$1.20
(1) package of 6 portabella caps @$2.99
(2) pks of chicken leg quarters @ $7.90 (on sale for 79¢/lb)
2# catfish fillets @ $4.49
10.6 oz package (= 2# sugar) of Ideal granulated sweetener @ $4.99 (on sale)
1# raw almonds @ $5.99
(4) 1# frozen shrimp @ $19.95 (on sale)
10 boxes Dreamfield's pasta (variety) @ $22.90
TOTAL $79.01

We will still do some shopping at Sav-a-Lot and Walmart for a few things here and there this month...but the bulk of our shopping is done, for about $220.00 for low-carb food for the 3 adults in the house...once again, much less than what I spent before I starting low carb shopping, even though that was nearly 6 years ago and prices were cheaper. I spent a MINIMUM of $100/week, and that was just for food.

So there you have it, more of the "cheap" part of "cheap and easy" :).

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