Thursday, October 4, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 10/2-3

Oops - forgot to post yesterday, so today I'll post both days.

Tuesday (10/2) I had well-buttered popcorn for lunch, and roast pork with 1/4 of a sweet potato (well-buttered of course) for supper. If I had a snack I don't recall what it was.

Yesterday I had some butter with a little white rice in it - lol - for lunch and for supper my grandson and I were out running errands after I got off work, so we went out; no need to plan a meal.

Today so far I've eaten some leftover pork and 3 hot dogs (no buns of course). I have a big hunk of chuck roast out of the freezer for supper but what I will do with it remains to be seen!


  1. I tried to post last night on my lap top but couldn't. I can't figure out why I can leave comments on one computer and not on the other. Frustrating.

    Do you eat many veggies? Or do you ever eat fruit?

    I can't wait for sweet potatoes to come down in price. I love them.

    Thanks again for posting your menus.

  2. I rarely eat fruit but I wasn't much of a fruit eater to begin with. If I do eat fruit, it's usually just cantaloupe in the summertime, and sometimes berries but as part of another dish, not plain.

    As for vegetables, we do eat vegetables. Most of the time I roast them, occasionally I will include them with another dish. We almost always have a vegetable with supper, sometimes 2. But with the way I have to cook now due to our differing schedules (Pete eats supper with me, I pack a lunch for him to eat during the night, he comes home and fixes himself something in the morning, then eats something or snacks when he wakes up in the afternoon to tide him over until supper - I eat supper with him, and then usually something for lunch and a snack each day) we don't have veggies twice or 3x/day anymore. When we're both on the same schedule again I will be back to serving a veggie with lunch and 2 veggies with supper, as well as including veggies with breakfast whenever I make omelets or quiches or anything like that - as I used to do before Pete worked midnights.

    I paid 29c/lb for these sweet potatoes, and was thrilled! :)