Monday, October 1, 2012

Need Help with my New Addiction! #lowcarb

The other day I mentioned the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce that is carby as heck and terrible for me, but which I thought I'd try since it was a buck for a big bottle and it intrigued me in a weak moment.


I seriously need to find a lowcarb way to make it. Not really being a sauce person I've not had a lot of experience creating sauces. But I NEED to have this, so I NEED to make it myself.

If you know of any recipes, or have tried any, or have created one, please please pretty please share? Meanwhile, I will be doing my own searching for something. Because I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!


  1. I haven't tried it, though I am intrigued now! This recipe looked to be easy enough to convert to LC, perhaps using liquid sucralose or maybe even erythritol - and the cooling effect of erythritol might actually be a good thing here. Not sure what would work for the cornstarch - maybe xanthan gum or glucomannan?

  2. Thank you for this :). I will get some cooking sherry and fish sauce (I have never cooked asian foods before, so none in the house!) and give this a try. I'm wondering if resistant corn starch would work for thickening...just got some and can give it a try! Worst case, I'll have to add some xanthan gum too :).