Thursday, December 31, 2009

December is gone, January starts in a few hours!

I didn't post much in December (hope I didn't disappoint either of my readers! ) but not because I had nothing to post. Quite the contrary I could have - if I'd have had more time to do so! Like most other people the holiday seem to be an extraordinarily busy time. I didn't post my shopping receipts, since I bought so many things that I typically wouldn't buy. This month's shopping was quite different from the norm. But I'm still eating low carb of course.

Something interesting: Even though I haven't been eating to lose weight, and even though I have at least one carby meal every week (and occasionally a carby DAY!) I've lost 18 lbs this year, my doctor informed me last week. I don't even keep track of my weight, but they do. So that was rather surprising - and interesting.

So all is well, I've got a couple of meals and/or dishes I've prepared that I want to write about the next time I have a large chunk of time to spend at the computer. Have the photos on my computer, just need the time to do it! Next week I will be out of town for several days, hopefully I can get it done before then.

So Happy New Year, may it be another great year of healthy low carb eating and good health for us all!

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