Monday, October 10, 2011

#Camping #Lowcarb

This weekend we went camping with a group of people from our church. We all ate together, everyone bringing something to the table to share, kinda like stone soup :). I knew that there would be carby foods galore, and not much I could eat, so I spent the 2 days prior preparing a bunch of low carb foods. And guess what? I walked right past the donuts at breakfast, the pancakes and syrup, and the candy, marshmallows, and potato chips that were sitting out all evening!

I know I mentioned previously what I would take, and I pretty much stuck to that plan. I didn't take the tuna salad and lettuce leaves for wraps that I intended, nor the cookies...but I started to make the cookies, then just plain ran out of steam, tossed the batter onto the pan before it was a dough, and cut the resulting cake into pieces. It wasn't as low carb as I usually make because there is one gluten-free eater than came, and another can't have nuts of any kind, including coconut. That didn't leave me a whole lot of flour choices, so I ended up with sort of an oatmeal-tasting (oat fiber, poly-D, ground oatmeal for my flour) cake with lots of cinnamon, brown Sugar Twin, and butter in it. Delicious actually, and saved me from the donuts each morning! I just had a butter sandwich with 2 of them - heavy on the butter. (Hubby told me they were great with syrup on them too.)

I took HB eggs for breakfast with the cakey-cookie-things above, plus sausages for everyone. That covered the 2 breakfasts. Friday night the pastor's wife made a delicious chicken vegetable soup. Our main meal on Saturday was chicken - lots and lots of chicken! - that hubby grilled. The song leader brought her amazing potato salad (I never say no to Mary's potato salad - 1/2c on Saturday and another 1/2c on Sunday), and I had tomato slices also, from one woman's garden. As everyone munched Saturday evening I had my cheese crackers and pepperoni crackers (which were both a BIG hit, BTW!) to fall back on, and didn't miss the potato chips at all! Sunday afternoon we all had hot dogs and more chicken; I ate my 2 hot dogs on my 1.5gN wraps with salsa.

All told, it was a great success and I even lost 2# over the weekend - probably from the extra walking and other activity. What a great time, and I feel really good about being prepared, and being able to resist the carby stuff that was there in abundance!

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  1. This sounds so wonderful. I can just tell how much fun everyone had by sharing with each other. I am glad that you had a wonderful time.