Monday, January 23, 2012

More #Lowcarb Shopping!

In the last few days I've picked up a couple of things, and just want to mention them here since I'm trying to be complete in my reporting of what I buy and how much I spend:

2.29# boneless chuck steaks (2) @ $3.71/lb = $8.39 (on special)*
4.01# chicken legs @ $0.69/lb = $2.77 (on special)

*I typically don't pay over $3/# for beef but I desperately wanted steak, and it was cheaper than going to a restaurant for a steak dinner.

(2) half-gallons Half'n'Half @ $3.58 ea = $7.16

Steve's (my favorite meat market):
16.6# NY Strip steak @ $2.99/lb = $49.63 (cut free into about 20 3/4"-thick steaks)
4.98# bacon @ $2.19/lb = $10.91

TOTAL = $68.53

TOTAL spent so far in January = approx. $182.00

(January is 75% over, and I've spent less than $200 so far - way less - for 2 adults with big appetites and an almost-3YO boy who eats about half his meals with us. Yes, low carb CAN be Cheap'n'Easy!)

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