Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family and Food

Spent the evening yesterday with daughter Casey and SIL Josh, they took us out to eat, then we went to the nursing home to visit Grandma (my mom, who has Lewy Body Dementia). Grandma was having a good day, and really enjoyed seeing Casey - they've always had a good and close relationship - and Josh, as well as Casey's "baby bump": Leelan Daniel will make his appearance in April.

Then the kids came over to exchange Christmas gifts, as this was the first time we could all manage to get together. Casey got me a neck pillow that I love, it's got beads or something in it, and is similar (different shape) to a pillow she got me several years ago, that goes EVERYWHERE with me, and I use it not only to hold my head but for other things as well...anyway, it was the perfect gift!

And onto food: I ate carbs at the restaurant yesterday, as I was afraid of...I just seem to lose all control when faced with so many delicious choices. FWIW, I did take my white kidney bean extract beforehand...

Today was much better: steak and salad for lunch, yogurt later, another salad with turkey and ranch dressing later, and 3 wasa fiber crackers with melted mozzarella later. So a good food day today. I sure love salads.

Went to the doctor, all is well, I'm back to normal activity, we talked about my GERD and a new med since the old one isn't working for me anymore. And about my recent neurological issues and most recent hospitalization and subsequent vast improvement. All is well, I'm back up to normal activity for the first time in months. And working on taking off the poundage that accumulated during those months...

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