Saturday, October 31, 2009

Late Lunch/Early Supper: Leftovers

So today I had a little bit of leftover meatloaf and was really hungry, but so was hubby. As I reheated it I layered some packaged salad mix and some spinach leaves on plates (35¢ total). Crumbled the meat loaf and put it on top, with some shredded cheese (33¢) sour cream (39¢) and salsa (50¢). The entire meat loaf cost about $3.50 (rounding up) originally, and we've had, now, 4 meals out of it - today's portion was MAYBE 1/10th of the whole thing, but probably not even that. So for 2 huge taco salads, our meal cost about 2 bucks. For both.
(NOTE: I was too hungry to bother prettying up this photo, or removing that piece of lettuce in the upper left corner that was losing its color from the shot...but this is how we eat, folks! *G*)

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