Friday, November 20, 2009

MIA, and More Shopping!

I've been gone for a week or so, if you've noticed. Well, not gone, just gone from here. After my laptop died, I was backing up everything onto my external HD and setting up my desktop which heretofore had been used only for recording with my electronic keyboard...but after a week of such nonsense, I'm ready to talk about cheap and easy low carb living again - or to talk about ANYTHING else but computers!

I've had several small shopping trips this week also, to fill in here and there where needed. I have of course saved the receipts so that I could report what I bought and what I spent, lest anyone suspect me of cheating in any way :). So that is what this post will be, simply logging in my purchases.

On 11/11 I went to Walmart and got (3) quarts of heavy whipping cream for $3.12 ea., or $9.36 total...(2) lbs of butter for $1.50 ea., or $3.00 total...and (2) cannisters of their SF drink mix (like Crystal Light) for $1.98 ea., or $3.96 total. My bill came to $16.32 but it felt free because we had sorted and returned over $40 in pop cans and bottles that we had accumulated, and that Pete had brought home from the hotel where he works, that guests had left behind.

Also on 11/11 I went to Sav-a-Lot and got a 3.33# pkg of pork steaks for $4.63 (or $1.39/lb), some pizza crust mixes for 49¢ each (more on that in a future post), 5 cans of mushrooms for 59¢ each, 2.5# of turkey lunchmeat for $3.99, 2.5# of roast beef lunch meat for $4.99, and 2 heads of cabbage (nearly 5# for 39¢/lb) for $1.90. Also all "free", paid for by the can and bottle deposit refunds.

On 11/12 I went to Sav-a-Lot again, and came home with (2) 1# frozen corn, a half-gallon of chocolate milk (for hubby although I had a little bit), several pounds of chicken leg quarters ($2 off coupons for each package), a yellow onion, a pound of frozen pollock, some frozen  sausage patties, 2.63 lbs of "produce" and a bottle of worchestershire sauce for 99¢; we were in a different town that day, and went to a different Sav-a-Lot just to see how it differed from our store here in Houghton Lake. I saved the receipt so I could post my purchases here, but it isn't nearly as detailed as our store provides. The total bill was $19.73 but $1.05 of that was dish detergent/tax.

Lastly, on the 18th we went to our local Sav-a-Lot and got a loaf of Sara Lee lowcarb bread ($1.99), a pound of butter ($1.79), 2 boneless chuck roasts @ $2.39/lb (Pete slices them across so they're thin, and we broil them like steaks), 1.61# of pork sausage for $3.20 (a splurge because I wanted my hash!), a bottle of honey mustard for $1.39, 2 packages of hot dogs (Pete loves them) for 79¢ each, a 10# bag of potatoes for $1.49, 4 packages of cole slaw mix for 79¢ each, and 2 yellow onions for $1.75. $27.05 in food.

So for the week of 11/11-11/18, we spent $81.93 on food. Of that, the chocolate milk and the potatoes aren't typical low carb purchases, but the chocolate milk was a treat for Pete, and the potatoes I use for Sunday dinners because Pete, Casey, my mom (who lives in a nearby nursing home but spends Sundays with us) eat them - and occasionally I do as well.

It was a pretty pricey week for us; but of course half of that food wasn't eaten, but rather purchased to have on hand.

Tomorrow will be a big shopping day, as we will be buying food to fill our freezer which is getting low on staples. And of course, that means the food bill will be high - but then it will be much lower in future weeks.

So if you're keeping track, consider yourself up to date on our food purchases :).

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