Monday, May 24, 2010

Planning or Winging It? #lowcarb

I follow blogs about people who plan their meals in advance and shop accordingly. I guess I've never explicitly mentioned that that's not how I do - although it's probably obvious.

It's like anything else: whatever works for you! For me, I want to eat whatever I'm in the mood for that day. If I plan a taco salad on Thursday but wake up craving a steak, I won't be happy with a taco salad. So I stock up my house with all kinds of lowcarb foods and ingredients to keep my options open.

On the other hand, I can see another point in planning: less emphasis on food. Less giving in to our food desires/craving. Learning control over "living to eat" and rather concentrating on "eating to live" - providing what we need to survive, rather than spending our days craving and drooling and obsessing over that night's fare.

Because, the way I do it, that's what I do. As the day wears on that night's supper is always on my mind. I may be thinking of a lot of other things, but that supper is always there. I think about what time to make it, how to season it, what side dishes I'll have, and how great it will taste. I give it WAY too much power over my thoughts, all day every day. It becomes the focus.

Food is a fuel. An enjoyable fuel to be sure, but when it becomes more than simply a way to keep going and to keep healthy, then it becomes a god. Waaaaaaayy wrong.

I'm not a planner, in any area of my life, and won't become one, but food does have more power over my life than it should. I need to consider this, and decide what to do about. Those who plan are onto something.


  1. I used to do much as you. But I find it's a lot easier for me if I do a meal plan. I don't think of it as I'm cooking this on this day etc. I do a week's worth of meals and use that like a menu. Here are my choices, what am I going to eat tonight? Having a list of possibilities narrows down my choices enough that I'm not overwhelmed, but still gives me the freedom to pick what I'm in the mood for. And I keep the ingredients for certain meals on hand all the time. And I plan and buy around what's on sale as much as possible, which I know you do also!

  2. You know me...I HAVE a food problem...I get no food, everyone has a problem. Something that occurred in the military and I can't shake it loose. Planned meals (military dining hall) meant nothing if one could not get inside to eat. Getting as far as the parking lot several times does not fill ones stomach. Over a period of more than 12 hours of hunger and failed attempts to fill that hunger only angered me...and then..I was carrying a weapon and protecting nuclear weapons.
    Anyway, I like to have something in the fridge so when I get hunger I can nibble on it. Waiting for a meal to be prepared and done in an hour or two when I am hungry makes me withdraw and go take a nap til the food is done or I get cranky. Easier to go hide.
    So for me, planning ahead doesn't always work. Good thing is when I get in the mood for some particular food usually Sherry is on the same wavelength.