Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bread Machine Bread

We stayed with my sister and brother-in-law for a couple of nights this past week, and my BIL made some bread machine bread while we were there. I have made low carb bread in my machine in the past with great results, and decided to make some today. However, I didn't have my old recipe so I looked one up to use as a starting point. I chose #2 at this site and made my changes: rather than using soy flour I used a mixture of almond flour and ground sesame seeds, and I also added a Tbsp of powdered milk (which I've always used in bread recipes). Because I have no clue where my machine's manual is ever since I organized my drawers, I had to hazard a guess as to which setting to use on my bread maker: 1#, 1.5#, or 2#. I went for the middle.

The bread is great. Very slightly spongier than I like but toasted it is excellent. Only thing I would have done differently would be to use the 1# setting, as it was a bit overdone.

Next time will use 3/4c vital wheat gluten, and for the remainder of my "flour" will mill some sunflower seeds, flax meal, and oat bran as well as oat flour...I'm thinking 3/4c oat flour, and 1/2c blend of the others. Unless I find my old recipe first :).

BTW, when I eat toast (not often obviously) I always slather it generously with real butter. a couple of tablespoons can improve a slab cut from almost any loaf!

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  1. Sounds good but too much work for me, I'm into glazed walk through kitchen reach and eat right now.