Thursday, November 18, 2010

Planning for Thanksgiving

I don't know who will be here for Thanksgiving this year. It may be just Pete and I and my mom, or my daughter and her toddler son (who live with us) may spend it here this year. Or who knows? If I find out about someone who will be alone, I'll invite them also.

Thanksgiving has become known as a holiday of excess to many but to us it is still a day that we concentrate on giving thanks to God - even more than every other day - for His blessings and provision in our lives. And we also celebrate the traditions that make our lives so rich.

We are dark meat eaters here, and a whole turkey is too much for just a few of us, so I will be trying to find turkey thighs. I have done a breast in the past but we ate it out of duty rather than enjoyment, so we'll do the thigh thing if I can find them. We'll have mashed potatoes, which will be mostly fauxtatoes but I'll throw in one or two of the real thing so there will be bits of skin and a more potato-y flavor. Green bean casserole hasn't been one of our traditions, but we will have other vegetables - the more colorful the better! Foregoing sweet potatoes, I'll do a winter squash dish, probably roasted chunks, and butter spinach. And also Pete's favorite, brussels sprouts, cooked with bacon and onions. Gravy will be of the creamed variety, with real cream. And dessert will be a whipped pumpkin dish using SF pudding mix, cream, diabetisweet brown sugar sub, cinnamon, and plenty of nutmeg.

And I want to mention this blog as a source for ideas, suggestions, and links to recipes for a lowcarb Thanksgiving meal too!


  1. awe thanks for sharing my blog. I hope that your Thanksgiving is as wonderful as it can possibly be. :)

  2. sounds delicious! I sometimes like to take a layered salad where I go for Thanksgiving, but I don't plan on making it this year...can't seem to wrap my mind around it. So, I'm gonna make things that everyone else likes and that's easy so I don't really have to think about it. Hope that you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!