Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Grocery Bill #lowcarb (and YTD TOTAL!)

This has been a SUPER busy month for some reason, and blogging hasn't made it into my days for the most part. So I'm sitting here with my big pile of receipts, and it would take me an hour to list everything I I'll just give an overview, and will mention the highlights.

April 6: Sav-a-Lot $38.57 butter, cheeses, meat, fish, produce, drinking water

April 6: Walmart $30.32 lost the receipt so don't know what I bought, but looked up the amount at the bank website; this may not even all be for food?

April 13: Aldi's $25.40 half'n'half, cheese, eggs, potatoes, dark chocolate

April 21: Country Corner Bulk Food $49.28 This is an Amish store. I bought lard for the first time ever; there will be a separate blog post about that. Also found Heinz "low sugar" ketchup there for 69c/bottle (recently expired) - bought a dozen. 32 oz. Kraft mayo 89c/jar, got 2. Came home with 6 bags FULL of food for this price, felt like I'd made quite a killing!

April 22: Walmart $18.22 half'n'half, produce, sweetener

April 23: Sav-a-Lot $19.34 yogurt, meats, butter

April 30: Sav-a-Lot $7.36 butter, coffee, drinking water

TOTAL for April $188.73

TOTAL so far for 2012 $1061.23, averaging about $265 per month



  1. Well done! Where do shop most of the time? Looks like you save a lot more than me!!!

  2. Hi, LynnMarie,

    I have a Sav-a-Lot about a mile from my house, so I go there a lot. My husband's doctor is in Saginaw, about 80 miles from here, so when he has an appointment I take advantage of it and go to Aldi's while there. We have a SuperWalmart in our town, so I go there sometimes as well. I buy most of my meat from a butcher shop about 20 miles from here, it's worth the once-a-month trip to stock up. I buy most of my frozen veggies at GFS, and when I go to the city where that is I stop at Meijer and/or Kroger to pick up their sale items. Our seasonal produce stand just opened for the summer, so we will be eating a lot more fresh foods now, their prices are excellent too!