Saturday, August 25, 2012

Up and Down!

For some reason the last month I've been wanting - and eating - more carbs. Don't know why. But I did. And last weekend was the worst, ate carbs for almost every meal! Sunday morning I was up 11#!!! Starting Monday I've been eating clean, all meats and veggies, some dairy, lots of fats. One day I had a bowl of popcorn, heavily buttered, but that's never affected me one way or another. (No, I don't test my blood sugar, but weight-wise it's never stopped loss when I was losing, never caused gain when I was maintaining - probably because - even though I eat a big bowl of the stuff - I have a half-stick of butter on it.) And this morning I was back down 8 of those 11 pounds. As always - when I eat lots and lots of fats, and totally eliminate grains (except popcorn, evidently!) and sugars - natural or otherwise - I lose very quickly. Now I'm considering losing a little more. I still dread doing it for the reasons I've mentioned in the past, but thinking I might. Maybe go down about 10# below what I was before that 11# gain. Just a thought.

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