Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 10/8

Yesterday for lunch I had the leftover pork/brussels sprouts/onions dish.

For supper I had some shredded roast beef. I diced a big daikon (think hash brown cubest) and an onion and browned those in olive oil because I'm out of bacon fat, seasoning them with onion and garlic powder and salt, and a lot of chili powder. When they were cooked and browning I added the beef (there was about twice as much beef as the onion/daikon mixture!) and some worchestershire sauce. Once it was nicely mixed and hot, I served my husband's over 2 slices of lowcarb bread. I had mine in a dish with some 1carb ketchup on it.

This would have also been good with cheese melted over it, slathered with salsa and sour cream, I think. I have some left so I may try that with the rest.

I snacked on ham dipped in mustard.

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