Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Idieas - Nov. 12-13

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Yesterday was a one-meal day again. When we're eating adequate protein and all this fat, we just don't get hungry I guess.

Our meal was hamburgers on buns, with the remainder of the spinach from Sunday, to which I added cream cheese. Excellent meal!

Note about the buns: I used Maria's sub buns recipe that I've already linked to, and the last batch I made into 8 buns. They are about the size of hamburger buns, so are perfect for patties. We each had 2, plus the creamy spinach, and I didn't get hungry again until today.

Speaking of today...hubby got home from work this morning and made himself some hot dogs (no buns of course) so I had one of those and a thick slice of colby-jack cheese with him. Yesterday I made a gallon of yogurt, so we ate some of that today, and I made my biggest pot full of cabbage soup.

The yogurt is good and thick, not sweet of course, but no biting tartness to it, I used a gallon of whole milk mixed with a quart of heavy cream. Because my big thermos only holds a gallon, I just kept the remainder of the milk/cream mixture in the fridge for putting in our coffee. If you have never tasted homemade yogurt, you will never believe the difference between it, and boughten! They are like totally different foods, with the homemade being FAR superior. I just posted my method for yogurt at the new blog.

The soup: Browned 2# of ground beef with a large chopped onion in the bottom of a big heavy pot. When it was done I added a whole head of raw cabbage, chopped, 2 cans of diced seasoned tomatoes, a box of beef stock, a big can of tomato juice, about a tsp of garlic powder, about 2 tsp of sea salt, and some good shakes of white pepper. I covered it and let it all cook down over medium low heat. Meanwhile, I had a half-head of lovely sweet roasted cabbage that I'd done a couple of days ago and was saving for the soup. I chopped it up and added that for the last 15 minutes or so to get that beautiful sweet roasted flavor in the soup as well.

Tonight I made another batch of 8 rolls from Maria's recipe also...I'm finding that I'm making 2 batches a week. We are really loving hamburgers on buns again! Lots of fiber in 'em, so we're making sure to drink more too.

Cost-wise, it's all good too. The yogurt figures up to about $7 for the gallon. The huge pot of soup (way bigger than a dutch oven!) was just under $10. And, close as I can figure (very hard to figure out 1¼c of almond flour cost, when I take it out of a 5# bag that cost about $37 - barely makes a dent), the rolls are probably about a quarter each, or less.

Tomorrow will, no doubt, be a repeat of today when it comes to our meals, but seriously, how much more healthy could this food be? :)

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