Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The "Easy" Part of Low Carb Eating! (What I 8 Today)

First meal of the day (not exactly breakfast but not exactly lunch) was a slice of leftover pork tenderloin roast and half of the single leftover roasted onion, reheated in bacon fat on the stove. It was just about as good as when I originally fixed it on Sunday!

Supper was tilapia (no coating) fried fast in olive oil/butter so the outside was browned and lots of crispy bits, but the inside was flaky, tender, and moist. On the side was a package of shiritaki noodles heated in bacon fat and seasoned with sea salt, garlic and onion powder, thyme, and paprika (lots!), then mixed with a half-cup of peas (I wanted spinach but couldn't find it in the packed freezer...there were a few frozen peas left in the bottom of a bag in there though, so I just used those) and about a cup of full-fat sour cream...have I mentioned that I LOVE sour cream? It was the color of a lovely salmon from all the paprika but totally delicious!

Both meals for Pete and I (Casey wasn't home most of the day) for about $9 too!

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