Wednesday, March 3, 2010

AMAZING #Lowcarb Supper!

I was going to post about what I 8 yesterday...but it is all gone from my head now, after the supper I just had! Seriously, I don't remember a thing from yesterday, not with all those great cheap'n'easy flavors and textures rolling around in my memory!

But first I made dessert. Using the tried and true low carb batter of whipped egg whites folded with the yolks and other ingredients, I made a delightful panful of cake that had the delicate consistency of the best white cake you've ever had, yet tasted like vanilla wafers but with a hint of cinnamon. I had spread it out thinly in the pan, so the finished product was less than ½" thick, then created a light, fluffy spread for the center. The end result was perfect with our coffee (we are BIG coffee drinkers around here, so we don't like our desserts too sweet), and will be perfect in the morning too - if it lasts that long!

While my egg whites were whipping up with a little cream of tartar, I added a little almond flour, a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, some sweetening (I mixed SF caramel syrup, a little granulated Splenda, and a little xylitol), a dash of vanilla, a pinch of xanthan gum, a generous shake of cinnamon, and a bit of salt to the yolks, and blended with an immersion blender. After folding it together with the whites, I spread it in a parchment lined 10x17 baking sheet (spray parchment with nonstick spray too), and baked it in a 325°F oven until golden and springy; cut into squares (I made 12) and remove from pan/paper to a rack to cook and firm up a bit.

Then I combined a half-stick of butter (the real thing of course) with 2 oz of cream cheese, 2Tbsp of SF caramel syrup, and a sprinkle of cinnamon in the mixing bowl and whipped it on high (using the whipper attachment) until it was light and fluffy. Because the cakes are delicate, dollops of it sandwiched between 2 pieces spreads it out evenly without tearing the cakes.

This is AMAZING. Light, sweet, perfect with coffee...Pete said that they remind him of the banana flips we enjoyed as kids - YES! That's IT! Next time I will definitely use banana flavoring in the creamy center! Meanwhile, these were...well...amazing!

I didn't make our entire dinner tonight because of my legs, and ended up in my recliner directing Pete as he picked up where I left off, and finished it. So when I say "I" did this or was Pete :).

In a zipper bag I had already mixed up equal parts almond flour, corn bran, and parmesan from the green can, plus a hefty portion of seasoned salt. I used some b/s chicken thighs that I'd gotten on sale ($2.71 for 4) to dredge and then fry in about ½" of oil

Meanwhile, Pete had used my most-excellent julienne peeler from Pampered Chef on several parsnips ($1.99), and finely chopped half of an onion. In another pan he fried those together, then seasoned them with garlic powder and sea salt after they were done...

You can see from the photo below how beautiful this supper was. Hard to believe it was low carb, eh? Parsnips and onions are a little carbier than some vegetables but the entire supper, including one of my dessert cakes, still kept me way under my 50gN daily allotment...especially since it is another one-meal day.

(NOTE - I took this photo with my cell phone, so the size and quality aren't as they usually are...)

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  1. woah! That looks really good. I've been needing to make some fried chicken. The parsnips look amazing!