Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrection Day Weekend - What I 8 #lowcarb

Saturday I didn't eat much. We grilled some steaks, I 8 half of one, and then some yogurt for a snack later.

Resurrection Day I made a lovely pork roast in the crockpot with SF apple drink mix (like Crystal Light but a store brand), Liquid Smoke, sea salt, and water. With it I served a loaf of sourdough bread (I split a slice with my mom), roasted cauliflower and broccoli, and whipped spiced sweet potatoes.

My original plan was to make my own low carb rolls. But (a) I've been in so much pain that I minimize my time on my feet, and (b) there was a lovely loaf of sourdough for $1.50 on the day-old rack at the store. So I opted for that. After wrapping it in foil and warming it in the oven, it was as good as fresh!

For the sweet potatoes, I boiled 5 medium ones, then whipped them with cream, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, a Tbsp of molasses (16g carbs), and a 2T of Ideal - my favorite granulated sweetener these days. They were superb!

I was going to make a SF gelatin-based dessert as well, but we all decided it wouldn't be necessary; we weren't big dessert eaters when I was growing up, and I never got into the habit of making desserts. They're just for special occasions...but after the sweet potatoes nobody really would have wanted another sweet food anyway.

Today will be leftovers - an easy day :).

For the "cheap" - roast was 3.37# for $2.34 ($1.29/lb, marked down $2); bread was $1.50. Sweet potatoes were 59¢/lb, I made just shy of 3#. Vegetables (1/2 bag each from big GFS bags) were about $2.50. Small amounts of seasonings, butter, olive oil and whatever I'll count as a dollar, since I did use the butter (1/2 stick for 25¢) and cream (1/2c for 40¢) in addition to some olive oil (2T for 12¢), molasses (1T for ? - I've had it in the fridge forever and have no idea what I paid for it)...well, we'll just add a buck for all of that.

So. Resurrection Day dinner for 4 adults and a toddler for under $10.

Definitely qualifies for not only Cheap'n'Easy, but also lovely, imperssive, and delicious!

Here's a photo of the dinner. That roast looks kinda puny and lonesome in the dish, but it looked much better once I sliced it...probably should have waited to take the picture, huh? Probably should have moved my flavored water bottle out of the picture too...oh well, I never claimed to be a great photographer :).

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