Friday, June 11, 2010

Stockpiling Meat #lowcarb (Comment on Another Blog)

If you click on the title of this post it should take you to Grace2882's blog, which I love! Today I read her post about stockpiling meat. I LOVE that idea! I guess I stockpile, since I load up on meat when it's on any given time I have at least a month's worth of meats in the chest freezer in the garage, usually more. But I don't to things as she does, with lists, plans, and menus, as I've written before. Rather, I tend to keep my own mini-low-carb-stock, as if I were stocking a personal-sized grocery, and choose my daily meals from that. I'm just not an ahead-planner.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing is because I was intrigued by Grace2882's numbers. If I'm reading it correctly, she spent about $70/wk for meats alone. She is happy with that, and that's great :). My budget, however, wouldn't allow $10/day for just meat - or even $10/day for everything. Granted, I do have the occasional day that is $10 or even more, but I can't do that on a regular basis for my husband and I (and he eats huge portions; what the 2 of us eat for supper would easily feed 3) and sometimes my daughter and her toddler son, plus my mom at least one day/week.

I think next month I will keep track of how much I spend just on meats. This month I won't be buying much (unless I see a big sale) because I have so much on hand at the moment. But because the focus of this blog is living lowcarb inexpensively, as well as easily, I thought I'd comment. I don't really know what others consider inexpensive when it comes to eating lowcarb, and it is interesting to find out and compare.

Thanks Grace2882, I love all of your menus, ideas, and information!


  1. Hello. This is Grace2882.
    Thank you so much for sharing a link to my blog. That means so much to me. I have been following your blog too in my google reader.

    I spent $70 per week on all of my groceries. Not just meat. I spent $131 on the meat to stockpile it and then each week just bought the necessities. When I added it all up it ended up coming out to being $71 per week. Does that make sense?

  2. YES! That makes sense, I obviously misunderstood :). I really appreciate you pointing it out and clarifying for me.

    We're not very far apart at all on our budgets then, isn't that COOL? :)

  3. Yes it is very cool. I don't see why people say that eating low carb and healthy is so expensive. I know that I could get my budget even lower but I like to spoil my husband and grandson with special treats. Know what I mean?

  4. I'm exactly the same. We could live off chicken, eggs, and salads and it would be dirt-cheap. But it isn't ONLY about cheap-easy-healthy is it? We definitely have to enjoy it, and so do that people for whom we cook with love!

    I watch Food Network a lot, and some of those meals they prepare have GOT to cost a mint - yet I don't think they probably taste any better than the lovely foods that people like you and I make on our budgets :).