Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strange Food Day #lowcarb

I didn't want much lunch so I took a handful of frozen cauliflower florets and partially thawed them, just so I could chop them with my chopping blade. Then I chopped some leftover ham and sprinkled cheese on top, then heated it up right in the bowl. It was maybe a cupful if that...and very very good.

For supper I'd gotten out a couple of NY strips for grilling for Pete and I, and planned to maybe heat up some green beans in olive oil...but suddenly got a taste for some great Koegel franks in the casings. So we went to the local market and picked a few out of the meat case, and grilled them with our steaks. And had a salad on the side, with my own salad dressing (about 1/3c mayo, 1/4c SF ketchup, 2T Ideal sweetener, and 1Tbsp vinegar). What a delicious supper! A little unconventional maybe, but totally delicious!


  1. All of it sounds great! Doesn't sound weird to me since we eat "unconventional" sometimes too ;-) You ought to try my garlic green beans! Recipe is on my blog but I can send it to you if you want!

  2. I would probably love your garlic green beans! I will look for it on your blog, if I can't find it I'll let you know :). THANKS!