Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And With The Last of the Fresh Spinach... #lowcarb

...I had pasta :). Dreamfield's actually. All 3 of us (hubby, me, and 16MO grandson who lives with us) had our spaghetti different ways. Pete had his with SF spaghetti sauce and cheese - the traditional way. The baby had a hard-boiled egg with his, and parmesan cheese on top. He decided to put the egg actually into the spaghetti, and mash it all together with his fork - and loved it that way!

But on to the spinach part. I put a thin layer of spaghetti on my plate that I tossed with butter (it was cooked with EVOO on the water, as well as sea salt), then I layered the last of the spinach leaves, another layer of hot pasta, and cheese on top. OH YEAH BABY! We're talking good eatin', now! I love spinach in any way shape or form, and this was new but amazingly delicious. The hot pasta wilted the spinach just enough...

Anyway, we didn't end up having the burgers with our supper...didn't need them.

Now I (purposely) have some leftover Dreamfield's so tomorrow I will make a spaghetti pie :).


  1. That really sounds good. I had the Dreamfield pasta with grilled shrimp tossed with garlic butter. Good eating all around.

  2. I never really liked pasta too much until Dreamfield's, actually! Now I try to eat it no more than twice in a week but sometimes do have a 3rd meal with it . I will definitely try your grilled shrimp and garlic butter! Just got a grill basket from Pampered Chef last week :).