Monday, September 13, 2010

Did Some Great Shopping Yesterday!

I'm planning some great meals this week! As I've written previously, I don't plan each meal...but with the things I have "in stock" and the fresh produce I got yesterday (it was a splurge, I didn't worry about $ as much as I usually do but rather just got what looked good!) I will make some great meals!

Bought radicchio, which I've seen used on TV but have never bought. This recipe looks very good, and I have everything I need to make it. But since I only bought one head I will obviously adjust the ingredient amounts accordingly.

I also got a daikon, some yellow summer squashes, and a couple of big yellow sweet onions that I will use, with ground sausage, to make a hash which we love.

Pork steaks and country-style ribs were on sale for $1.38/lb this week so we stocked up on 25# which will make a few good meals! In fact, we're having pork steaks today, with sauerkraut and salad. If time permits I may make some rolls (using the basic Oopsie recipe but adding some oat bran and golden flax meal to pump 'em up a bit) to go with them also.

I just love to shop, and love to cook, and love to eat! Even with my ongoing gut issues and pain (which will hopefully be resolved surgically yet this year), my enjoyment of food rarely wanes even as my ability to eat does. That I can eat lowcarb fare without worrying as much about portion sizes as other plans require (YMMV) is one of the greatest benefits of the plan! On those days that I can eat, I don't have to hesitate to enjoy GOOD food, EASY food, and CHEAP but HEALTHY lowcarb meals!

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