Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Change of plans! A not-so- #lowcarb supper but it was great!

Was going to have fish with roasted radicchio but when the fish thawed it had a strong odor so I threw it out. We had some potatoes in the house (a rarity!) and dinnertime was upon us so I decided on an old standby from my early days when it was just Casey and I. She was little, we were alone and broke (in spite of my 2 jobs), and we ate pretty darned cheaply. One of our favorite cheap dinners was stuffed baked potatoes. I haven't had one in years!

So today it was a medium-sized thick-skinned russet, baked until the skin crisped up and the flesh was fluffy. I scooped out half the flesh for my toddler grandson (and heaped the toppings on!), so that saved me a few carbs anyway. And our stuffings were cheese, bacon, broccoli'n'cauliflower (raw, chopped fairly small), plus butter and full-fat sour cream. I ate more of the toppings than potato of course, so the medium potato (less half the flesh) was perfectly adequate.

I gotta say...it was truly a pleasant walk down memory lane. And still cheap! I can't begin to calculate the exact amount but the potatoes were approx. 35c each, and I got the raw broccoli'n'cauliflower for $1.20 for a 1# bag on sale. (We used half the bag.) The bacon is from a package of real bacon pieces I got at GFS, only used a few spoonsful for us all (2 adults and aforementioned toddler) - same with the cheese and the sour cream. Plus about a half-stick of butter (25c)...yeah, definitely a cheap'n'easy meal - even if it wasn't as low carb as we usually eat.

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