Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Such a Delicious Day Today! #lowcarb

Breakfast: 2 eggs and chopped spinach fried in butter with cheese melted on top

Lunch: 2 burger patties and a slice of melted swiss between them

Supper: mixed greens with shrimp and ranch dressing

Snack: pork rinds dipped in full-fat sour cream

I made a loaf of bread this evening so I could make sandwiches for Pete's lunches for work. With the lovely smell of fresh-baked bread filling the house, I'm not sure I won't have a piece of buttered toast yet this evening. It may be only a few grams of carbs but I'd really not wanted to have grains of any sort these few resolve is crumbling though...we shall see if I cave or not :). (Of course I simply can say no, and I realize that - I think I'm just torturing myself!)

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